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  1. There’s got to be a bit of light hearted games between couples. If they are clearly a couple then it’s perfectly fine to mislead or push boundaries within the realm of each partners personality. It’s different from person to person but everything can’t just be black or white. At least she told him that she was being sarcastic and wanted to do more than just sit there and watch a movie.

  2. we're just fooling around, we like each other as people but no more than that. Honestly i think it might be just the lack of exercise from me. I finally got out and played tennis after a month and we hooked up again and i could feel myself climaxing, whereas before we would have sex but i couldn't feel anything. Right now it's just kind of desire i guess? Like we woke up in the monring and got at it again but i lost interest during the foreplay. We still did but i stopped feeling the want

  3. I don’t have an emotional attachment to my partners easy solution: don't have sex with people to whom you don't have an emotional attachment

  4. “Tastes smoky”? Maybe she should not suck you like a cigar? Kidding! I have seen this with myself. Maybe our bodies know we are “pro creating” and the effect on ejaculate differs from masturbating?

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  6. I know that! Lol I'm just saying how do they not get your DNA if they're creeps? lol and where do you sell at? I've heard of one site but any others

  7. Some people just don't like what they don't like, and there's no problem with that. If you haven't told him that you don't like it then I'd definitely start there. Sex should be fun for everyone involved, and if it's not fun for you then you shouldn't feel pressured to do it. If it's becoming a problem for your relationship, though, and you really want to try giving head more, you could try suggesting that he does things to make it better for you, like washing his junk before sex.

  8. Yes, if you KNOW, but OP is just guessing/making an assumption. Which is actually most likely wrong, because generally people who have genitals that don't match up with what most people would assume they have, disclose this very early on in order to avoid exactly the scenario you're talking about.

  9. I haven't disagreed with a single single thing you said, and I'm still not. It's a delicate situation that could go either way. He replied to my comment earlier, but deleted it while I was typing so I posted my response as a new comment/thread saying to explore and communicate everything. I honestly like this discourse because it shows both sides, I've experienced both sides, but more commonly is been the negative (for me)

  10. Many also take pills to keep them from going flaccid. I saw on a documentary “Bigger Faster Stronger” which centers around steroids but also interviews people involved in other sorts of PEDs and I remember one segment in particular where male porn stars admitted to injecting viagra straight into their dicks in order to stay hard for scene after scene. Haven't seen it in forever so the rest of the documentary is kind of a blur but that one part is probably etched into my skull for life lol.

  11. I don't think it's a matter of anatomy. A vagina is very flexible (I mean a baby must pass through that), but she's also very tight. So I don't think you are the problem. If it's the pace, have you tried speeding up your sex? Have you tried different positions, some enable you to pound very fast.

  12. Talk to a doctor about the pain for sure Id never have sex with someone who is under the influence, but if you're alert and consent beforehand… well, it still may not be his cup of tea.

  13. Well she's clueless and also shaming u. It wouldn't be so bad if she was like “sorry, it's not u, I just don't really like it” But she tells u u smell on par with like, what? Rotting food? Idk if she's on the spectrum and has sensory issues but she can't just act like even tho you've gone to the dr and been tested, that it's a “you” problem

  14. we have already done almost all the positions that exist, I just wanted to know if it was normal that it is not like in porn video

  15. Everyone has different likes and no 2 people are wired exactly the same. Your ex might get more turned on thinking about anal, or it could hit all the right spots better than vaginal. So yeah, that could be normal.

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