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  1. You might go ask in the weekly newcomer thread in r/BDSMCommunity to get additional feedback. BDSM and kink is your own personal undiscovered wilderness. Other people can talk to you about kinks and give you guidance but it will be up to you to explore and find out what kinks light you up. That journey is really amazing and you'll probably learn things about yourself that you would never have expected to find. Kink is a big world so maybe create a list of things you think you might like and spend some time exploring that space alone or with a partner. If something you try really activates you, make some notes about that, do a little research, and explore that space a bit. The kink community has spent decades learning about different kinds of kinks and figuring out best practices. Once you have a few ideas of what you like, start googling, ask questions in kink communities, and see where it takes you. โ€‹ The journey is worth it. Try to be safe about it.

  2. Honestly since posting what I've noticed is I genuinely suck at being playful/flirty in that go with the flow way. I'm noticing alcohol or no alcohol I'm having a hard time getting out of my head. I dont find myself in these situations often enough to feel like I know what I'm doing so there that anxiety in the back of my head. I'm fumbling the ball in very direction. I havent found that flow that makes flirting fun yet and nothing feels natural. So everything feels forced on my end. I also cant read a woman for shit I'm probably to outcome dependent. I also suck with my words. Idk maybe I'm subconsciously stuck at all times. I havent had any sort of fooling around of any sort in 4 years and while I know I'd like to mess around with someone I seem to blocking myself from enjoying certain things unless they happen a certain way is my guess. I know recent I got really butthurt becuse a different girl I was gonna shoot my shot with recent mentioned in conversation she didn't get home till 730am. And I joking said “yeah what's his name” in the same tone with a smile she said “I'm not gonna tell you that”. I was only able to get a “oh your no fun” with a half smile before dread set becuase I'm feeling I took to long again becuase I dont know how to just ask for a social or number to at least get rejected. I've got issues

  3. As long as they didn't cheat on their former partners and practiced good sexual health i dont give a damn. Experience is fun and I'd feel a lot better about being with someone who knows what they're doing and isn't worried/shy/nervous about the act itself. Not that its a bad thing, but its one less stress on my mind.

  4. maybe an opinion people don't like to hear, but if I had to use a dental dam I'd just not do that. would feel like nothing as giver or receiver.

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