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  1. As a woman, I've found 20 min on my rower daily to be helpful for stamina/endurance. My partner prefers running. The week he started couch to 5k there was a noticable improvement in endurance, and it continued to improve as he got closer to the end of the program.

  2. I would tell your boyfriend that a big part of sex is to feel safe. Tell him that when he forces your head down especially when you're trying to come up it does not make you feel safe. Tell him that if this sexual relationship is going to continue it needs to be safe and therefore he needs to listen to what you are telling him consent is a big deal through all steps of intercourse

  3. because of a condition I have. I hope it doesn't bother you.” When I first heard someone say (I think it was on a TV show) “I can't control my voice because I can't hear my voice” it immediately became clear. I even find that particular speech pattern endearing now that I understand exactly what's preventing those people from mimicking common speech patterns. Is “I have a condition” easier or more sensitive to say than “I'm deaf, so I don't know how to control my voice?”

  4. I’m in a long term relationship and I think I know how invested you are in this relationship. I don’t think you’ll want to hear this. CONTINUAL Enthusiastic Consent is the rule. You expressly revoked consent. Your partner should have baked off immediately, literally removing their (his in your case) body from contact with yours until you talked it through and they made sure you were okay. This isn’t a swept up in the minute thing. I don’t know what word will sound worse to you but in that minute, when he ignored you, your loving sexual act turned into assault/ rape. I believe you have some serious thinking to do. I recommend talking to a therapist and waiting to be intimate again until you sort this out with yourself. Will you ever feel safe with him again? You revoked

  5. It depends a lot! Although generally speaking, a bit of grinding probably will have more effect than full-on in-out pound town thrusts. That doesn't speak for everyone though. Alternately, put her on top in cowgirl and let her do whatever suits her best.

  6. Do you know that his size is really the issue? It could also be his technique or that you have a hard time with vaginal orgasms. Have you tried larger sizes using sex toys for example?

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  8. If she likes it right now you'd better not think about her, don't try to interpret more into her – that only causes problems. What you can learn? Much about yourself. If you are brave enough. And maybe, as kinks go both ways most times, something about your girl.

  9. If sex was the same every time I would have stopped a long time ago. If I had to go to a therapist that means I'm over thinking the situation. Sex is all about fun between two people have fun and enjoy.

  10. Yea but I can tell he’s shy about it. He liked spitting and we tried it but I almost threw up lmao I like everything but the spitting ?

  11. Try using flavoured lube. You can also tease him with it by applying it in a sexy way and have him taste it from your lips during an eventual pause during the bj

  12. Ok…but what were you looking for/ expecting as an answer to your statement (nor being sarcastic here)?

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  14. Arousal and erotic thoughts can be frequent and occasionally frustrating for many people. There’s no “normal” amount of times to want or need to masturbate as long as it’s not interfering with your work, school, or relationships. But it sounds like the need to masturbate is interfering with basic things in your life like getting to work on time and causing meaningful problems with your ability to enjoy other activities. That shouldn’t normally happen. You’re not a bad person, the human brain can obsess over inappropriate stuff sometimes in a way that’s totally out of our control. I suggest making an appointment to talk with an addiction counsellor to talk about what you are experiencing. They’ll be able to tell you more about the mental health issues that contribute to this. An addiction counsellor can give you solid recommendations on how to regain some control over your life that will still allow you to enjoy basic things in life like going to the gym. You deserve to enjoy going to the gym and to get to work without worries. The outside world is not your enemy though- you can’t simply “cut out” the existence of sexual arousal. With some help you can control obsessive and intrusive feelings. Reach out to some addiction services and talk to them about what you are experiencing here:-)

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