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  1. I have read everything perfectly and my point still stands. Condom discomfort is a minor inconvenience compared to the side effects of hormonal birth control. I understand condoms aren't the best for everyone, but they are still a minor inconvenience.

  2. Suggest to her she gets on BC. I’ve had this issue with girls who want me to wear condoms. But I never have this issue without condoms.

  3. This is potentially terrible advice, but have a few drinks? I also get way too caught up in my own head (plus I HATE my voice) and it took years to get comfortable dirty talking. Still getting there. But I found once I got a phrase out the first time, each time afterwards was a bit easier. So I usually test out new material when I'm a little intoxicated and the inhibitions lower a bit. Then if it lands poorly we can blame the alcohol, and if it goes well then I add it into the rotation. My bf is aware of this, I've talked openly about dirty talk being my weakest area and asked for his patience and assistance because it's something I want to improve on. He'll tell me afterwards if something I said really got him going, that helps a lot with the confidence boost. This is one of those things where you just have to think 3 seconds of courage and bite the bullet, but definitely gets easier from there and is worth it. Good luck!

  4. Hello! I think sometimes society views this as black and white “can I do casual sex/dating or not?” Unfortunately, we all weren’t born with one or the other it’s a bit more complex. He’s your first! It’s going to take time to get over this. You enjoyed having sex, he was the first person to really be intimate with you so he set the precedent! This happens. Once my first bf and I broke up and stopped having sex I was D e v a s t a t e d. He saw me in an intimate way and the thought of him doing that with another girl was so awful to me… Today… I’m in a much different place where I have had LOTS of causal sex. Some with strangers, some with friends, catching feelings and even losing feelings and everywhere inbetween. It’s part of life naturally, you have to follow your desires and see where they take you. What really helped me was trying things out with people when I was attracted to them and just said to myself hey, whatever happens happens. We both want to do this and we can figure out the messy stuff later and act like adults when communicating. You have to be Honest with them and yourself!

  5. My guess is he’s no longer into you, for a real relationship. He’s also young and most likely watching too much porn; influencing this idea. For me, if/when I was into someone enough to have true love for, someone I wanted my mom to meet – I would not want her to share her with another man. And I would NEVER want to watch it. However, if I had little to no feelings for her and had no interest in seeing a future with her – then I would be more willing to entertain the possibility. But that’s just me.

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