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  1. That really depends on the family dynamic. I wouldn't have a problem talking to my SIL about it and would prefer to start with her before anyone else, so she could decide how to take care of it. I would be far more hesitant about letting the husband know.

  2. You definitely have to feel yourself and love on your body. Making myself squirt solo was how I learned to love it before my boyfriend could join in on the experience. Squirting is technically not pee but it is definitely mixed with it if your bladder is holding even a little bit in. Finger yourself intensely towards your gspot. You will feel the burning sensation to pee go ahead and let it go. Sometimes you think you need to hold back cause we’re used to holding our urine but squirting is about release. Have fun !

  3. do I bring them to my place? Do you want them to know where you live? I'd suggest hosting elsewhere. Hotel isn't a bad idea. Do I ask for std results? How does it work? You set the rules you are comfortable with. You might look up a video on sexual negotiation to help you verbalize the boundaries you want to set. It's good to get everything out about safety and expectations before the clothes come off.

  4. My experience, and I've licked a lot of pussies over the years of all shapes and sizes, is that they don't smell right after a shower.

  5. Wtf…not being funny….but from a male stand point that sounds like heaven. Is there medical documentation of a male penis being crushed by a vagina?

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