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  1. I am sure it will all work out for you! It's easy to get in your head of worry, but all we can do is learn and move on!

  2. Do you like kissing? As a woman I wasn’t that into it until I met a guy who just blew the lid off my brain with how sexy he could make kissing. We’d be sitting on the bed talking about something and he’d just look at me while I was talking, then when our eyes locked he’d slowly put his lips on mine. It wasn’t a “I like you, just wanted to tell you that” kiss, it wasn’t a “hello! Kiss incoming!” kiss, it was a “baby we’re about to dance…” kinda kiss. And they’d go on and on and on until I’d somehow be missing all my clothes and breathing heavily on the bed and totally ready for it. I apply this “strategy” with a new partner now who is way more shy about sex and is bothered by performance anxiety so he needs a bit more time and a good headspace to get in the mood. Like when we’re sitting on the sofa watching Netflix I’ll turn to look at him and wait for him to notice me. Once he does he kind of awkwardly looks at me and goes “hello there!” and does a goofy smile. I don’t say anything, just smile and do the slow drift to put my lips on his. Just a soft press at first, then another, the third I tilt my head a little to the side and kiss him a little longer. Now I’ve got two options. If he’s feeling a bit tense and hesitant I can just keep giving him little kisses, proceed to frenching and maybe just have a little make out and cuddle session if he’s not up for sex. Or if he makes a little noise and responds to the kisses, I’m going to start slowly moving away from his mouth and across his cheek to his ear. Grab the soft bit of his earlobe and pull it very gently with your lips, breathing next to his ear. Maybe use a free hand to dig your fingers in his hair from the back of his head. Start kissing his neck softly and move to sit on his lap so you’re straddling him. Grab his hair gently and move his head so you get better access to his neck, and continue kissing, maybe biting his neck gently while you’re rocking your hips against his. Most guys will be taking their jeans off before you even get to his neck, but for people who need a little more time to get warmed up, you can keep doing the hip grinding and make out oooor if you’re feeling saucy you can get up, get on your knees, pull his shirt up and start covering his chest and stomach in a hundred little kisses while you unbuckle his belt, then follow the treasure trail (if your guy has one) with your kisses and see where it takes you. That’s how I initiate sex.

  3. Honestly I love when we go slow so when I'm going pretty hard is when I last the longest. Gotta slow down for me to reach orgasm

  4. “Darling, I love you, but I can’t be your wingman. I’m your mother. That would be gross. Why don’t you join some mixed social activities, make friends, and be a nice person, and women will naturally follow?”

  5. Don't want to put doubt in your relationship, but OK I trust you if you don't feel that way. I would suggest stopping asking for bj, but to find something else that you can play with like asking her to kiss it and lick your parts from the balls up to where she is comfortable to do so. That will be better than nothing, and she won't have to taste your precum. Eventually, she will get some droplets of precum once in a while, and maybe she will get comfortable with that, or not.

  6. Okay, as far as her being wet, if I can say, I'm certain I get her wet, that I know. So I can cross that off the list. Now ovarian cysts, that's something I'll have to look into and talk about with her, not just for sex and my sake, primarily for her health. Thank you for your time, it's appreciated.

  7. Yeah of course. While I enjoy a nice femboy, for me it's even hotter when something big and strong willingly submits. She's out there, I'm sure you'll one day live your dream.

  8. Listen carefully. It is most preferable that you dress completely (from head to toe) as Batman. Enter into your premises and promptly attend to all of your honey do's that you have neglected for some time. Make sure to tell her that she is attractive but it is imperative that you use a low, throaty growl and never say more than two words to her at once (i.e., “most attractive”) while making sure you display your mastery over your tool belt and completing all tasks. Once she approaches you to thank you or even question you the only statement that should be made to her is this, “I'm not the hero you need but the hero you deserve.” Immediately exit the closest window. Goodluck!

  9. First time it ever happened it was first ever and I got such a shock I spat it bk on him x but I remember it feeling lumpy. Never liked doing it only dont it with less than a handful of partners. Yet when I met my current partner, I couldn't stop myself blowing him and playing with him. When he came it was smooth and just fired down my throat. It's all different but it took me alot of years to find out the truth that every guy is different

  10. Don't take it personally. It's obvious he was into you if it got this far before you told him. Most likely, he was just scared of not being up to the task, since people often have super high expectation for their first time.

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