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  1. I started dating my S/O at 19 (me) and 22 (him) and even then it was a stark difference! I don’t think I could handle a LTR with someone almost 10 years my senior. Some of my partners are twice my age, but there’s a HUGE difference between a romantic long term escalator partner and a FWB.

  2. First, I'm not going to compete. If you want porn you can have it. Porn is not a requirement for masterbation. Second, many, many women have been in situations where men have chosen porn over them because its just “easier.” So no, it isn't insecurity, its a refusal to be a last resort. If I am in the mood and available and he chooses porn instead that is not ok. Reverse the roles….lets say you are super horny and she tells you she is too, but she would actually enjoy getting herself off to a porn star she really likes rather than have partnered sex with you. Now lets say its more than a one time thing. Are you gonna be ok with this? If not, then you know why women feel the way they do.

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