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  1. Not a troll post, genuine concern. We’ve done it loads (maybe 20+ times?) and I actually saw that post and got concerned which let to me asking this

  2. When you want to initiate think of whatever you find attractive about him and tell him ” Your ….is turning me on right now” That is what I would do 🙂 goodluck.

  3. Unfortunately it maybe you 🙁 I’m in a similar situation with a girl . I love her company and everything else is great but when it comes to sex . She could never make me cum because I’m just not sexually attracted to her . So now I just avoid sex with her . She will catch on soon and I’ll have to end it . But never had this problem with anyone before

  4. If he's watching porn while you're sucking his cock, that's a massive red flag. He likely has a porn addiction. You need to run. Fast.

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