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  1. Oh. My. God. Im trying to give you a little glimpse into the male psyche here.. Idk if you're just not ready for that or what the issue is.. You come onto reddit looking for advice as to why your bf is doing something, a guy tells you what is most likely your bfs train of thought and all of a sudden Im on his side? Do you want ppl to be real with you so you can try to understand whats going on so you can attempt to comfortably move forward with the situation and find a solution.. or do you just want comfortable responses like “leave him” .. “thats sexual assault” ..?? Like yeah, it sexual assault and you should leave him.. But it sounds like you ain't ready for that either.. Like what do you want? Just say it.

  2. I wish this worked for me. Im highly attracted to my partner. Tho my partner has fallen into the receiving and not giving equally or fairly. I have to work my ass off to get a 5minute play because its to tiring. I get rejected and as a (32M) im going 2-3 weeks in between anything. Happy to lay there and be serviced straight. Won’t return any sexual or intimate favours without prompt to like literally sticking it in her face or poking her with it. Which honestly clouds me with guilt that i put this kinda pressure on. We don’t masturbate either. Shes made that very clear that it feels like cheating and its disgusting. She doesn’t touch herself by choice. I don’t myself because i’m respecting her. I’m so down about my sexual desire not being met even at least half way. Its my love language. ?

  3. with that said, i've known women who love sex with a full bladder and PREFER it. they find everything about it better, and they cum harder, even if they don't squirt or piss themselves. if that's the case, go with rubber sheets and absorbent towels or whatever the other comments suggest.

  4. Dude. You’re just two cocktails away from a full blown pegging adventure and a threesome with Biff is just around the corner. Have fun!

  5. Don't know about you, but I think roast beef makes a pretty tasty sandwich. No way Arby's would still be in business if it didn't. For real, though, your labia are perfectly normal and fine. If a boy doesn't want to touch it because of some weird idea, he's definitely not the guy you want to lose your virginity to. There are so many men out there, you'll have no trouble finding one who thinks all of you is beautiful.

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