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  1. My assumption is she was comfortable at the time. It’s frightening how long people can hide who they are sometimes.

  2. That's normal and safe as long as 1) it's not a “problem”…an uncontrollable urge that interferes with your life and 2) you're not hurting yourself/in pain after With porn I can toss one in like 5-30 minutes. Without porn it takes me at least an hour. But I don't have the time and patience for that. Wish I did tho. You do you fam, you've got 2 hrs to pay attention to your body? Embrace it.

  3. Try some positions where you are on the bed, near the edge, and he is standing next to it. It'll be easier for him because he won't have to hold himself up with his arms. In positions where you face each other, it's also better for both partners visually, as with him more upright, you can actually see each other's faces instead of you just staring at his chest while he gets a nice view of the bed above your head. Also, make use of pillows. Pillows under your butt can make missionary easier by adjusting the angle. Pillows under your knees could make it possible for you to be on top. Get creative.

  4. Anal. Butt sex requires a lot of trust and comfortableness that I can only achieve with a serious partner.

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