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Model from: ru

Languages: ru,en

Birth Date: 1999-10-24

Body Type: bodyTypeAthletic

Ethnicity: ethnicityWhite

Hair color: hairColorBlack

Eyes color: eyeColorBrown

Subculture: subcultureStudent

Date: June 27, 2022

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  1. We watched some TV shows together to get more ideas and used a couple of apps to do matching. Combined this was a real game changer for us, I wrote an article about the things we did here.

  2. Is she on any medications? Some anti-depressants, birth control (I never knew this one until a few weeks ago) and some other medications will kill the sex drive completely.

  3. Yes, leave it out. It may be what you’re honestly feeling, but I cannot imagine a single positive outcome that would come from telling your partner that you find sex with them to be boring. In other words, it doesn’t get you what you want, and what you want is more novelty. Ask to try new things and if your partner ass “where is this coming from?” What you can say is “I want to feel like sex is something that will grow and evolve and change in a relationship like everything else.” Also, you should look into reading the book “mating in captivity.” I think you would find it very illuminating.

  4. Wild orchid by exotic novelties. It has a clit and g spot vibrator. It is a little girthy for my wife but not uncomfortable. The first time we used it I'm pretty sure she lost consciousness and demons convulsed in her body. Plus it has a 5 year replacement warranty. We broke the charger port. sent it back and the sent us a new one

  5. I have been fortunate to have had FWBs in my younger years. The first one was during my college years when I was in my twenties. She was my 19yo neighbour in the apartment next door. We hit it off instantly. I thought I had at last found a real GF, but no, she made it quite clear that she did not want any commitments or romance so as to be free to study and sleep around. Being polyamorous, it was easy for me to accept this. We were each other's rock during college during the 1980s. We cooked for each other, did laundry at the laundromat together, listened to music, studied together, went out to movies and plays, confided our secrets, and in general, were there for each other. Ours was certainly a sexual relationship, but as friends we were there for each other in good and hard times. I remember those three years with fondness. My FWB and I did some pretty wild sexual adventures that most couples would not even consider. She became an exhibitionist, enjoyed sex in public, I introduced her to anal sex, we explored pee play, and she made me her chaperone for gangbangs. We did not have sex all the time, it was spontaneous and usually when each of us did not have someone to sleep with. I treated her like a sister on campus, and kept the unwelcome advances at bay for her. There were other FWBs in the years that followed, but she was by far the best. At certain times in life, FWBs are better that committed relationships.

  6. I don't buy all these excuses of being nervous. Nerves might cause him to shoot his load early. Nerves might give him sweaty palms. Nerves might cause him to tremble in anticipation. Nerves might cause you to stutter because you can't think straight. Nerves might cause him to lose his erection. Nerves might make him bite you harder than intended while kissing you somewhere. Nerves don't put racist thoughts in your head. If anything, nerves (and drunkenness) might cause your cognitive dissonance to show it's ugly head.

  7. For some reason, even though she's great at it, it doesn't always get me off…..what it does is drive me fucking insane. It's basically edging. The point of a journey, isn't to arrive!

  8. Buddy… I’m agreeing with you. In the “gay scenario” I’m not saying that he is trying have sex with a woman. I’m saying this is a “comical excuse” for why this guy wants the neighbor to come over in a sexual context. “Hey man, I’m having performance anxiety, can you come over to… watch? I promise, just watch, nothing more.” Then the guy comes over and there’s no woman actually there.

  9. Okay if and person is complaining about seeing your glorious boobs does not deserve to see or touch your boobs.

  10. You are missing out. I find it surprising to hear the number of people that wait for an experience with someone else before trying their own hand at it. You could have a great idea where all you most desirable locations are and how you like them utilized and convey that to the other person. That’s about three quarters of the issue here. The other part: You are at the bottom rung of sexually experienced males there. Though it’s not their responsibility to know your body, with communication and encouragement, any of them could get better at it, still know that they are MORE , not entirely, likely to be focused on their own performance at that age.

  11. You’re really going above and beyond to defend really gross and predatory behaviour. Maybe self reflect a little.

  12. Well, it's only transmissible when there are lesions so if they have and active infection elsewhere (like those bubble lesions on the lips) it should be obvious. But in truth there is no such thing as 100 percent, but one can certainly do simple things to protect themselves the majority of the time by insisting on protection. Fly without a net if you like but be prepared to deal with the consequences.

  13. First off, I'm with you. I love a good swingers' club; it's like being in a porn LARP. But second, holy hell do you need to chill. She enjoyed herself, but apparently your response was so over the top that it skeeved her out. You need to back off and calm down here. Drop the topic, and leave it be for at least a couple of weeks. You also need to recognize that you can absolutely have too much of a good thing. My girlfriend and I both love the experience too, but it's just not healthy to stay in that mindset. You don't wanna be shopping for groceries and thinking “Ooh, I might get to see you naked later tonight!” about every attractive human you see, you know? As for how you deal with it, I say find some privacy, get a cleanup rag, hit Horny Reddit, and let nature run its course. See if that doesn't help you settle down. Glad you both had a good time, and I'm glad this could be the spark you've been looking/hoping for. But balance in all things, mate, even the moments of wild excess. Good luck.

  14. Have you ever read the Kinsey biography? The short version is sexuality is kind of on a spectrum or a bell curve. You have a lot of people that fit the definition of average and then you have some people who are very very sexual and then you have some people who are not very sexual. It's possible that's just who you are. Also by hormone levels checked I'm going to guess that means that you're at least somewhere in the middle of the normal range not just barely over the bottom?

  15. I guess it’s bc idk her or anything about her. And idk why but it bothers me that he’s been with her before.

  16. Hang I'm there it all changed a few years after school trust me I started enjoying life on a whole new level your time will definitely come

  17. That's definitely not the case. I realize how you could see that but I really don't think she would be so deceitful. I think this is largely a case of when the rubber met the road, I wasn't ready for something and she is struggling to take no for an answer.

  18. You provide preciously little context to really answer your questions here. I mean, just pick a movie you both are likely to like? Is the real issue you're grappling with that you are unsure of how you feel about him? If so, one question you could ask is why you need to be sure of your feelings in the first place: If you guys like hanging out and watching movies, why is that not enough? In general, I think it is best not to rush into anything you are not ready for. But if this really is a problem for you, I think there are at least two things you could do. First, have you taken the time to check in with yourself? Maybe sit down and just write down your thoughts in something like a journal or something. Second, what are the things you need to know from him in order to be sure? What information are you missing right now? You can use tonight's date to get clarity about that.

  19. I only buy water based because silicone lube us not compatible with most toys and oil based is not compatible with condoms. I am currently using ine I bought off the Satisfyer website, but I have tried The Sex Gel from Necessaire and it's really nice. Also the brand Maude is good too.

  20. You're not very bright are you. ​ There being a fetish for everything doesn't mean that they're all equally as widespread and hence damaging. Numbers matter. You don't have to be smart to realize that. ​ “If you don't like it, don't watch it.” I'd tell a black man in 1960 to not go to that racist diner if he didn't like it, and not be half as ignorant.

  21. One possible reason is that seeing you in a state where you're taking “other” or multiple cocks is super hot for him. Maybe he's imagining you just letting go of your inhibitions and getting drunk with the pleasure of it, more turned on than you've ever been; a sexual creature at the peak of her power. I know that would do it for me 😉

  22. This is terrible advice. Someone's personal preferences for their alone time are their own business. If she didn't inquire before then there is no expectation she should have snooped now. Even worse, advising marriage counseling before of someone's personal preferences? That is a hard nope. If a man posted this 90% of the answers would be it's her business and it doesn't mean anything unless she pursues women in real life. In fact it is pretty common for straight women to prefer women on women porn or even male on male. This is no different. Expecting all men to fit into a box including what porn we do or do not prefer is sheer stupidity.

  23. Speaking as a guy who is shy especially when it comes to intimacy if a woman initiated I would absolutely love it and I would be more than happy to follow her lead and I am sure your bf is in a similar frame of mind.

  24. Leave. He is pressuring you into sexual acts you don’t want to do. That’s not ok. It’s super not ok that he’s doing it still, even though you’ve openly told him you don’t want it, and never did. If he wants a threesome so bad, then fine. He can go and find two partners who are into it and want it. You’re not one of them, and that is absolutely ok. Leave and find someone who actually respects you, your decisions, and your past trauma.

  25. Wow – I love to see this. You posted a question and got challenged on some of your statements, assumptions and points of view. You’ve read them, reflected on them, and are willing to take in the new perspectives and challenge yourself. So great to see. Keep going, and have fun.

  26. Masturbating is something you do for yourself. I don’t believe you need to tell anyone you’ve done it. Fuck that.

  27. I think it just comes down to you trusting him. If he says he's happy, then go with it and slowly try little things to get him to finish, but don't take it personally if he doesn't. My partner is honestly everything I have ever wanted, and I can't finish every time. I would much rather finish every time, but I'm still super happy with everything.

  28. It's meant as an invitation that they want it rough, you can do “whatever” most would assume is a “no go”/non-vanilla, but that still requires communication because if you haul off and slap them across the face, spit on them, and call them a whore, half are going to feel violated and the other half is going to have an orgasm ? Maybe next time it's said ask them to be very specific where the lines are drawn on what “whatever” is Cuddles are pretty great, I wouldn't be too keen on cuddling a hook up but I could cuddle my boyfriend for hours ?

  29. Douching. Remembering accidents happen. Also maybe sit on her face. It's an experience for the ages if she's got tongue.

  30. Dating married people is okay only when: 1) The spouse knows about it and doesn't object. 2) You understand that their family comes first, and you don't have any priority over that.

  31. I tried to get it as deep as possible when we were “not trying” but trying. Completely different emotions as well. Realizing your orgasm could create a life!

  32. You may want to include in your post that your sexual past has more rough sex and toxic relationships, so that advice and formatting is more easy to get from the right people who have had issues like this.

  33. I’m a guy and I love, love, love 69! My wife doesn’t seem to mind either. She always goes on top, and we are similar size so we line up well. To me it doesn’t seem like anymore concentration than PIV but maybe that’s because I’m usually multitasking to get her off.

  34. That’s a long fucking time to keep up a lie that affects the both of you. Like many have said, it’s the lie that gets me. Lying about rape is insane. And she held that shit down for years!! I couldn’t live with that. I can’t imagine how easy it must be for her to lie about smaller things. I’m not saying end the marriage here, but I don’t think you should end the conversation. Couples Therapy would be good, just to have someone help you figure out how to continue the relationship with this weird cloud. I hope you find a resolution

  35. We don't know how you approached your partner or know that they're not interested. The best thing you can do after you know that's how they feel is to let them know if they change their mind you would love to explore that with them. Then drop it! Don't bring it up again. Let them approach the topic. Sex your partner is into is much better than one they perform for you because you hounded them about it.

  36. Dr's and nurses will know with the first whiff it is BV. When I worked at the clinic we had people walk through the door and knew we had a BV case because of how pungent their scent trail was. There were a few times that it was Trichomoniasis (STD) instead of BV.

  37. I really don’t want to do that, but I don’t think he’s into it either (although he hasn’t said either way). I’m not very kinky to be honest. I used to be more confident but having kids has splattered that a bit I think

  38. I know plenty of guys who like to kiss or lick there Gf's or wife's mouth pussy after another guy has cum in it. Cuckold sloppies at its finest

  39. It’s called an open mind: anything can provoke an orgasm if one is open to the idea! There is very little research on all this, and depending on who you ask it is something different. I call it simply “orgasms” and more specifically as a man I differentiate them from ejaculations (because I don’t ejaculate in these scenarios), calling them “dry orgasms,” a term I learned in the world of aneros/prostate play. I highly recommend developing your special technique. You can develop it in various ways. If you have a prostate, I highly recommend going the route of prostate play. If you do or don’t have a prostate, you can look into KSMO (key sound multiple orgasms), tantric techniques and meditation, caressing, and generally sensual exploration. I have developed these techniques to the point of being able to orgasm from any sort of stimulation, physical or mental, using prostate play, caressing, meditation, exploration and psychedelics (I don’t recommend those without lots of research). Anyways, congrats on your special superpowers!

  40. Personally I perceive it the same way either gender. If I personally think too hard about it, it gives me the ick.

  41. You don't want to marry a man who refuses to take your concerns seriously. If he really loved you, he would listen to you and take your guidance. Good on you for standing up for yourself. You gave him plenty of chances to listen, but he refused. It looks like it's time to say goodbye to him.

  42. I'm pretty sure most prefer the term, “little people.” I'd say go for it! Be up front about your reservations and don't be an asshole. Just remember if things to heat up, DO NOT TRY TO PULL HER BEARD!!!!

  43. Most guys dont think when we masterbate. We watch porn and he probably didnt want to say that. If hes been watching porn for a long time which seems to be the trend these days, guys will tend to go deeper and deeper down the depravity hole the longer theyve been watching it. The women he watches most likely will look nothing like you as well. If porn isnt an issue with you, you should ask him that specific reason. He will probably deny it considering he clammed up but if its really something you dont care bout and just want to know the answer you will need some way to prove that wouldnt be an issue.

  44. Have you considered ethical non monogamy? I know it’s not for everyone and It’s an incredibly fraught topic to bring up. But maybe if she isn’t interest in sex, she would mind you getting your rocks off with someone else?

  45. Yes, you're right to feel this way. Nobody likes being lied to. Even if you're “just friends with benefits” or a one night stand lying isn't okay just because you're not an official couple.

  46. Do you always hold the person in the air and do sit-ups while fucking them? And do you always do hard thrusting for 20 minutes straight without cumming? Cause otherwise I don’t really get the ab workout analogy. As a girl who likes to ride, I don’t really see the problem with holding a rhythm for like 2mins, which is long enough for when I say I’m about to cum. Maybe it depends on how fit you are though

  47. He sees you when you're sleeping, He knows when you're awake, He knows if you've been bad or good….. Aw shit, that's Santa

  48. In order to find out why he didn't enjoy it, you need to ask. Maybe it was painful for some reason, maybe it was good but he didn't want to come. How about you get on top and let him lead? That way, you'll know how he likes it. Remember, men tend to find our grinding boring, but since it's the easiest way for us to come, they are usually happy to let us finish. Plus, they get a break, and we do the work. May I ask why you've never done it in 2 years? M

  49. I think personality does it for me it's kind of stupid to say that over looks but I've looked back on all the boys I've had crushes on and I had crushes on a lot that would not be considered attractive to most ppl. Outside personality I just like it when someone is nice to talk to and isn't aggressive or mean to me or their friends/family the alpha male thing some guys do is gross an probably the most unattractive thing a guy can do. None of this probably helps a lot I'm easily attracted to guys so it's hard to think of why but that's the most obvious thing for my own point of view

  50. I definitely prefer a natural bush to a naked vagina. Maybe trimmed a bit around the edges and maybe kept at a certain hair length. But still. To me it is so much sexier – so much more Woman.

  51. I took this process in chunks and tried to do it from small to big issues. First I stopped watching any type of porn related to that. Then I tried to stop fantasising about it during sex. When thoughts led to that I would either stop completely or if I felt I’d had enough of a break I’d move to do something special for my partner. If I really couldn’t stop thinking about my fetish I would take a very long break from masturbating or sex, on the day I knew I’d be having an orgasm I would build myself up with other things during the day completely unrelated to my fetish, maybe something else I liked. So I’m your case rather than watching cuckqueen porn I would watch porn from accounts like. Kate Marley or other couples who have great chemistry that would build me up in a completely different way because there would be no cucking involved if you know what I mean. Eventually I got to a point where other things did more for me than my fetish. It just didn’t turn me on compared to other things. It took a long time but it sounds like you’ve got the drive to stick it out. I really hope my experience can help you. Good luck!

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