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  1. What was the diagnosis? If you're having painful sex, you definitely should not be doing kegels. You might have some type of pelvic floor dysfunction and doing kegels could make the problem worse. If it's anything related to your pelvic floor muscles, ask for a referral to see a pelvic floor physical therapist.

  2. OP should read about responsive desire. Stress/anxiety can 100% interfere with the body’s ability to become aroused and that’s likely what she’s experiencing.

  3. If you asked him to stop doing something and he said that he would but then you discovered that he lied to you, would you be upset? He probably sees it as a problem that he's not into doing anal with you, and you using that dildo just reinforces that he's not providing something you enjoy. I suspect that it's not simply the prep work that makes him disinterested in anal, since you're obviously very much willing to do it. I would recommend using a different dildo for now, but I also think that he needs to work on whatever his hang-up is towards anal.

  4. Have you tried saying that you prefer it full stop? Your explanation makes it sound like you want that time for his benefit, not for yours. Try instead explaining that your body and mind need time to shift from achy feet and how gross bodies can be, to relaxed and sensual. That you enjoy sex more when it's separated by three hours or more from infected wounds or vomit. And that your feet, back, and joints are more flexible when they have had at least three hours rest. Made a shared calendar, like Google calendar, and put in your shifts + the three hour window. Then he can more easily plan his calls around your schedule. He can have his spontaneity and you can have your R&R.

  5. He’s prob waiting for a text from you as well, the phone goes both ways but i understand why you feel shitty about it. You just gave a big part of yourself to someone for the first time. Idk if this makes you feel any better but me and this guy in hs at the time lost our vcards to eachother and the sex was VERY bad the first couple times. But after time it became great, his lack of experience plus u feeling anxious is probably what made it bad. He doesn’t know ur body well yet so u can’t expect it to be the best but if you really like him don’t give up on it or him just yet. It might even be worse the second time since guys feel the pressure to perform well in front of a woman. Maybe you can try doing more work next time / initiating it so he feels more comfortable ? Or mess around with oral and get him really horny so the sex can be even better. I would try lots of foreplay, let ur anxieties go out the window and remember to actually enjoy yourself bc no matter what if you’re not enjoying it it won’t be good. I hope this helps! Update us when u can ?

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