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Birth Date: 1997-03-19

Body Type: bodyTypeAverage

Ethnicity: ethnicityWhite

Hair color: hairColorBlack

Eyes color: eyeColorHazel

Subculture: subcultureRomantic

Date: July 2, 2022

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  1. That's just a matter of getting out of your own head. I know it's easier said than done. This is why casual sex might not be for you. You probably need to be with someone you feel super comfortable with and who can trust completely so you can be honest and open and willing to try some things. Maybe try some meditation. Or do you ever listen to Dipsea? Maybe look into that app. (I get nothing from it, I just like it and always recommend it to my friends.)

  2. If it’s really that big of a deal your better off breaking up with her no hard feelings and find someone more experienced

  3. Howdy ? from a 36M. Similarly to how a lack of perspective can befall a privileged child who is ungrateful for his trip to Disneyland and uses the time to complain about trivial, ancillary facts of life that are present, even at “the happiest place on Earth”–this same phenomenon is very prevalent in the relationships of young adults, worldwide. He needs a wakeup call for being so rude about expressing his desire to explore more of his sexuality. He's not thinking that maybe he's taken for granted how sexually available you are and also willing to try new things, to be open to feedback at all. He's got his Mickey ears on, a spinny light up bubble dispenser AND A GOD DAMN CHURRO in his grubby little hand and all he's doing is complaining that he has to fucking walk. Non-immediate family members might call this child a thankless brat. Over time, a poisonous reservoir of resentment will fester inside both of you because of this–if it's left unresolved. This is a very slow burn and will fuck both of you up emotionally and may follow you around as emotional baggage for the rest of your lives. Don't let this go on for long. He either needs to start being polite and better with communication, or you need to grow a second pussy or whatever he's expecting. One of those two options needs to happen. Otherwise, you should be with someone who appreciates you because that's the absolute minimum you deserve.

  4. She should have more sex. For real. Women do not have same kind of sex drive as men do. We need to keep it up by having sex a lot or the sex drive will shut down. But also you have to understand that she has autism, depression and all the other things. They do really effect a lot.

  5. Get ready because I'm going to turn your world upside down. That was his response, and I don't need to overthink anything anymore. Time to buy some really sexy lingerie and start shaving.

  6. So this one specific example is a representation of fact? Only women suggest to open up marriages because they fear they’re missing out? What a load of absolute horseshit. I couldn’t even count the amount of times I’ve seen scenarios like this posted on Reddit when it’s the man who suggested it first.

  7. You may be putting too much weight on “freshness.” Human bodies have smells, and they don't always smell like a summer breeze, and that's FINE! Humans aren't meant to taste minty all the time, and that's fine too! As long as you didn't puke last night, or as long as you aren't at the tail end of your period and all kinds of crusty, chances are, your partner won't even notice that you aren't “shower fresh”… and even better, he won't care. He wants you, not a Sanitized-for-his-Protection version of you.

  8. That is exactly my point. If my GF has small boobs and I love big boobs it does not mean I don't like her, nobody is perfect and this goes for both me and her. Now when you add a third party in a sexual act ofcourse I'm going to compliment some of their sexual features even if my GF possed the same features.

  9. So any kind of doctors visit for penile issue is not just embarrasing it can be daunting for the guy. Encourage him as much as possible to go, it is a good thing to do for his own health. It is like you roll every emotion you have into one area he should succeed and he failed, it can be one of the darn toughest thing a man has to go for the doctor for (expect blood in stool).

  10. Part of the issue is that you are unable to see his perspective, and you are only looking at this through your lense. This is contributing to why you are so hurt about it, because you would do anything if you loved a person, even if you find it gross, you are somehow equating that with him loving you less / seeing you as less. Would you really enjoy having someone you love do something that is repulsive to them? I'm going to guess no, you wouldn't. That said, it's also okay if this is a big must have for you and it isn't a bridge you cannot get across. In a perfect world we would be totally sexually in sync, in the real world, there are instances we aren't. So, we either compromise to some extent, or, sometimes the compromise is just far too much and we have to part ways.

  11. Well, if you can help it and recognize it in the moment then try to pretend for at least the first time. I normally don’t advocate pretending but this was a truly life changing moment for me because of the level of trust and intimacy that goes into an act that literally has the potential of ruining a man’s life. Also, be prepared to comfort him and check in on him afterwards for probably at least the first week. If it hasn’t been discussed then he needs to be aware that he might catch himself in some really negative feelings afterwards. It is a truly great experience but it carries the possibility of second-guessing how good of a person you are. I’m also an over-thinker, so there’s that ?

  12. Then they should be friends, I fail to see how any of them truly wants to “spice up their life” as that doesn't seem to be the issue at all. They're monogamous by nature, anything else would be torture in the end and refusing to let go of something that's very obviously dead. What you're talking about, and wanting to hold on to, is lies and escapism. It's a cowardice solution to a straight forward situation. Just call it what it is and get on with your lives, this ain't a marriage worth holding on to anymore.

  13. In a sense, squirting is pee, but in a more meaningful sense, the answer to the question “Is squirt pee?” is mu. It's a question based on misleading premises, like “have you stopped beating your wife?” The mistake in this case is thinking that “pee” is a specific substance where we could decisively say whether squirt contains or is composed of it. But this is like asking whether a meal contains curry. There's no specific ingredient or combination of ingredients that makes a dish “curry.” If any liquid stored in the bladder and ejected through the urethra is pee, then squirting is pee, but blood could also be pee. A lot of people read the studies which find that women who squirt had full bladders just before squirting, and empty afterwards, assume that squirting is just normal urine, and that if you pee right before sex, it won't happen. But this isn't the case at all. Many women will squirt even if they pee immediately before sex. The stimulation of sex will cause their bladders to rapidly fill, even if they don't overhydrate. And what does it actually fill with? Well, if you test it in a lab, it contains the normal components of urine, in some quantity, along with other components not usually in urine. But the range of components for urine is enormous. If you're dehydrated, it'll come out brown and caustic, while if you drink a couple quarts of water in an hour, it'll come out looking and smelling very close to fresh water. In either case, you could give them to a medical lab, and they could run tests on it and they wouldn't rule out that the sample is urine. But you can also add a few lab-isolated compounds to tap water, and the same tests won't rule out the sample being urine. Labs which test for drugs and such actually have to be careful about people doing this with fake pee kits. So, labs running tests on squirt have not ruled out it being “pee,” but that only means that it falls within a very broad range of concentrations for some particular substances they test for. Speaking from experience it's not actually difficult to tell squirt apart from “normal pee,” produced within an ordinary range of hydration, by smell, sight, etc.

  14. Ok,so, here we go. As an older gentleman who’s experienced in receiving all manners of BJs, I can tell you what has always pleased me and share a comment from a FWB married woman that I know who rocked my world with her technique. 1. Use your hands to their full potential. Wrapping a hand around the shaft as you gobble and especially rolling the hand around the shaft is a wonderful way to go about the act. 2. Learn how to engage your tongue out of your mouth as you play. If you are talented enough to take your guy deep, having your tongue slide out and glide across his balls as you swallow makes a dude CRAZY! 3. Sometimes a little pain gives a lot of pleasure. For some of us, while sucking on a guys balls is great, tugging on them while getting head is mo bettah! 4. Don’t forget the prostrate. Nuff said! 5. Take my friends advice. She said she learned her technique by watching Porn Star Nina Hartley vids. I can honestly say that those movie of hers that I watched, Nina knows her shit!! Watch and learn, young Jedi! That’s my $0.02

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