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  2. We just went through a chemical pregnancy and my body was still achey, those cramps and extra blood weren’t fun, so I was scared to have sex again after over a week. He kept telling me we didn’t have to but he’d been horny all day (he gets extra touchy, easy to tell) and I honestly really wanted to and also to get it over cause if not I’d overthink it. We took a shower together and he soaped up my back and gave me a lil massage. He kept kissing all over my back and chest and was just being so tender. When it was go time once we were dried up and in bed, he again asked if it was ok. He had already said he’d only do it if I was ok with him going slow so he reminded me of that and I just chuckled. Won’t lie, I think I was so nervous that it literally felt like deja vu to my first time. The discomfort was there and a bit of pain but he was doing everything right and being extra loving that I was like wellllll were pushing through. I didn’t orgasm this time which is rare for me but I also knew it wouldn’t happen with the trauma my body had just endured and I was okay with it because I still wanted the intimacy I would get. He did get me pretty close after a while and he just kept kissing me and my neck (my fave) and idk, I knew in that moment that I was so glad he was the person I had just endured this month with. Our sex life is now back to its normal routine for the most part but he’s still being extra tender with me and gosh, what a man! I’ve felt so appreciated in and outside of the bedroom this whole week.

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