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  1. This post breaks Rule 8-8 and has been removed. 8) OPINION SEEKING, POLLS, VALUE JUDGMENTS OR VALIDATION POSTS. This forum is not for simply collecting opinions – “do you think [X] is hot?”, “Women, do you like [Y]?”, “What is your favorite sex position?” and so forth. This is not a forum to discuss your penis size, breast size, labia size, ask about other body image issues,

  2. I dated a woman who had a sexually traumatic past. She also dabbled with a pattern of self-inflicted injury as part of her coping strategy. What I can tell you is that I never saw her the way you see yourself. That relationship ended 30 years ago but to this day, I remember her with great respect and admiration because of who she was as a person. My point is that others will see you through different eyes and see your strengths and best qualities. Your trauma is not your fault and your past does not make you disgusting so please don’t feel disgusted with yourself. I hope you find peace with this some day.

  3. Totally not, all of us have imagination but like just to find something like that when your trying to fix your car throws off stuff. I wasn’t snooping I was just trying to look up a part for my car ?

  4. Sounds he just likes to play this little game and stroke his ego to have someone chase him. Smoke a blunt, move on, and focus on improving yourself

  5. No. I have not watched porn in about 2 months. And I don't masterbate watching porn. I just use imagination.

  6. Don’t be afraid to venture off the shaft. His thighs, balls, the area right below, everything down there is sensitive. You can warm him up with those areas or provide extra stimulation as you get going. Definitely don’t be afraid to get messy. I usually walk away with my face pretty wet. I’ll lick somewhere, suck somewhere else, etc so my face ends up rubbing all over everywhere I’ve already been. I like to be spanked or have my hair pulled while I’m blowing; it’s more stimulating for both of us. I use my tongue like crazy. It takes some experimenting but adds a lot to the experience. Sometimes I swirl it over his whole tip, sometimes I flick the edge of his head, sometimes I use really hard pressure and lick slow up the whole underneath of his shaft.

  7. So you are well aware that he is a porn addict. You have spoken to him and he has not made changes according to your post . So he has shown who he is. He is being honest with you. ​ The fact that he’s so narrow thinking and selfish with his actions… Decide if you think that this is the best you deserve and then act accordingly. If you stay with him because you love him that is fine. But you must also accept his porn addiction and the very real possibility that it will not go away. Accept that sometimes people with addictions must escalate things to get that dopamine hit. Accept what escalation for him will look like. Accept that you will be spending this time of your life with a dude addicted to porn.

  8. That could very well be the cause. I always used to say that the way hormonal birth control works is that it kills your libido so if you don’t have sex, you can’t get pregnant! It can also cause weight gain which could be the reason for her being uncomfortable with her body.

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