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  1. I don’t think so at all. Some people might be too embarrassed to but it. Just make sure it’s just the two of you when she opens it!

  2. All good sex is built on communication. If he freaks out, then he's not mature enough to be having sex in the first place.

  3. Missionary is awesome! It can be either very loving and intimate or really intense and kinky. Recently had a first time with someone that started off in missionary, actually… He put his arm under my back and intertwined his fingers around mine with the other and pinned it down, it looked like we were about to dance. Then he looked me in the eyes, smiled and kissed me. It was a wonderful in-the-moment experience of intimate human connection that also sealed our roles as Dom/sub in the relationship. Nowadays I love it when I have my legs up his shoulders and he's got me gagged and arms tied up. That intense eye contact as my body is convulsing around him from excitement? C'mon, it's super hot! If there's no scarf/ball gag, I also enjoy it when he's going hard, I get noisy and he covers my mouth with his hand. Physically it also feels amazing because I'm getting punched on the g-spot with every thrust, I always end up squirting whether I orgasm or not.

  4. I absolutely love watching a lady masturbate. It excites me and I can always learn what she enjoys. It’s totally sexy but I’ve known many women who wouldn’t, my wife is one. She masturbates but when I’ve left the house. She enjoys 2 toys at once so she feels embarrassed and I respect her wishes. A guy will jack off in front of anyone ??

  5. First things first you have a right to express your boundaries; your likes and dislikes. His response to you communicating that you aren’t comfortable with him cumming on you is not cool. But it did have curious… where would you prefer he finished? I read a post here a couple weeks back from a guy who’s gf is disgusted by his cum and expressed how repulsive she finds it. Naturally, this started to make him feel shame and embarrassment of his own bodily fluids and an inevitable part of sex. I’m wondering if your bf relates to that in any way? If you enjoy the sex with him otherwise, and enjoy being intimate with him- the only thing I would suggest is avoiding using language that could make him feel like his cum is dirty or gross. Ask him to cum where you are most comfortable.

  6. Humble brag? What insight are you looking for? If you asking if she is faking, you probably know her better than we could. I would trust your instinct that she is probably not faking. You should have a good idea after 7 years.

  7. Your breasts are fine just the way they are. Your boyfriend is immature, tell him he can find someone else if he doesn’t think you’re good enough for him because honestly, you deserve a partner who likes you for who you are.

  8. No. Men don't get tired of the same woman. Boys might as they don't realize how special it is to find the one who means everything. You can definitely get tired of the same sex but that's why they call it spice it up.

  9. My husband is a strict vegetarian, non-smoker, that only drinks occasionally – his semen is still bitter, lol. I really wish that myth was true, though… ?

  10. Tf, that's totally horrible and manipulative of him, this whole act ” I'm gonna buy it for you, I've changed my mind?” to revealing it would cause you to not have sex anymore, like he's trying to teach you some lesson? HUGE red flag.

  11. Would your girlfriend feel comfortable assisting you sometimes when you masturbate? My boyfriend and I have a libido mismatch as well, mine being far higher than his. Our relationship is still relatively new so we’re still figuring out how to make it work for us, but one thing we’ve done is have him help me when I want to get off. Sex is a very important part of intimacy for me in a relationship and I need it to feel close to my partner in a way other forms of intimacy just don’t do for me, as lovely as they are. Sometimes when he helps me it does lead to full-on sex because he’ll get turned on watching me be turned on, but usually it’s just him fingering me or using toys on me or kissing me/talking to me/being present when I touch myself. So far when that situation arises I usually tell him I’m wanting to get myself off and if he’s willing to help he’ll ask me if I want his assistance, but if he’s not then he’ll excuse himself from the room and I do my thing and return to him once I’m done. It hasn’t fixed all of our struggles surrounding our sex drives but it’s been a start and relieves him of some of the pressure of “letting me down” when he’s not in the mood for the real deal and allows me the connection I crave to feel close and important to him.

  12. Go on hub, Nina Hartley, how to eat ps. She literally shows how to do it, ofc different strokes for different folks but at least you’ll know the basics. There are thousands of videos on youtube as well, not explicit as the hub ofc, but women giving tips etc

  13. Because I absolutely love cuddling naked. The feeling of skin to skin is just wonderful. I also love the look of a naked body. Don't worry if your body isn't model like perfect. We don't care. Even a naked body that is not conventionally attractive is wonderful and sexy and turns us on when it's in person and being intimate. If you have body image problems then you're over thinking your partner's reaction to it.

  14. I can barely finish without a condom, with one it would be possible. I lose the erection in a minute or so.

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