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  1. Oh man, I wish you well with this. I hope she's receptive, you're not asking for her too much at all in my opinion. You just want to enhance and prolong your marital sex life, nothing wrong with that and all you're asking is she just try it because it makes her even hotter to you. My fingers, toes and eyes are crossed for you man. Hopefully she'll tell you some kinks in return. My wife told me being tied up was one of her things. If I'd never told her my kink, she'd never have told me this. Good luck man, here's hoping ?

  2. Depends on the men. Most men probably wouldn't judge you, but there are definitely some that would. I'd base it off the personality of the men in question.

  3. Not a woman but when my girl rides she has a blast and always has the big O… she literally straddles me works it in and rocks back and forth… typically it's something you'll just have to try out and learned what works best for you… the way she does it doesn't feel great for me but gets her off every time and then when she finally quits quivering I can grab ahold of her butt and do my thing while she lays on my chest

  4. There are many ways to stay anonymous. My husband and I stared creating content about 1 year ago and I opened an onlyfans a few months back, we wear masks when we film together and I film and take pictures from the mouth down for my onlyfans. As for your looks, don’t worry about them, every naked body is beautiful, as long as it’s confident. You guys will do great!

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