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  1. Nah you're not aromantic nor are you tripping. You're just being 19. There's a reason they coined the term “puppy love”. While some people do find (and stay with) their “forever partner” in their teens, it's still pretty rare.

  2. To be kind, and since she is the one who will be hurting, you may want to step back from the friend group for a little bit, and take a pass from attending events where you know she’ll be there. Obviously, don’t badmouth her or put your friends in the position of having to pick who to remain friends with.

  3. No, no, no. No. Of course it fucking hurts. He's not prepping you and he's using spit. so i just have to fake it and tell him it wasn’t painful No, you don't “have to” fake it. You can say no to sex with him. He's not a good lover. Some people like pain with their pleasure, but that's CONSENSUAL and him being annoyed by your pain is not consent. Why are you letting him treat you this way? This is not what it's supposed to be like. You may not even like bottoming, but how would you know? Please, you will find someone else much more considerate. This is not what relationships are supposed to be like. It's not what sex is supposed to be like.

  4. I think people aren't realising, he may be finding her hot, but the staring is making her feel uncomfortable. Is that ok? For her to feel really uncomfortable? If you can OP I would just say to him, hey, when you stare at me it makes me worry and a bit nervous, can we talk about it

  5. 5 months is still the honeymoon phase. I'd give it a good 3-4 years for the honeymoon phase to wear off. Just hope you've both been tested and are not doing anything you're not comfortable doing. Besides that, you can do whatever you like.

  6. My problem is my partner made it abundantly clear she hated the act, reacted badly or tried and complained about it, so I tried to bury the fantasy and stop wanting it, then years later she decided she wanted to try to do it again, but needed to “adjust her feelings” about it, and made me a part of the process to try to make better associations, which felt to me like someone putting themselves through some kind of fear-factor stunt just to please me. I tried to oblige but ended up feeling horrible every time, partially because yes, I really don't like people putting themselves through discomfort for me, and makes me utterly limp, so it was often embarrassing for both of us. But also because I had already “purged” wanting oral sex from my life. I knew if my partner clearly didn't like it, that I had to remove it or it would be a problem… she's just that worth it. She's the best thing that's ever happened to me. So I did just that and it was successful. I also did an association experiment and made sure to stop fantasizing about it, to always think unpleasant thoughts when seeing it in porn and skip it, to not talk about it, etc. So to suddenly turn around one day and want to do it after all was like throwing your transmission in reverse while doing 80 down the highway. When it did work and she got me off, I felt extremely uncomfortable after and wanted to cry. Now I just say that I'm not into it and I appreciate her wanting to want it for me. I've been in and out of therapy for anxiety and depression for years, on and off meds of different kinds trying to find something that works and doesn't have unacceptable side effects to no success. It's only gotten worse though. It's a condition that eventually claimed my parents and two siblings.

  7. I have a couple of suggestions based on what you’ve said here. Feel free to correct any misinterpretation on my part or to add more context. Don’t wait until after the deed is done to correct or ask for something. Correct him gently in real time, right there in the moment. It can even be done in a way that sounds hot rather than scolding or critical . Example: “it feels amazing when you touch me like this” “I love it when you blank “this angle is too much , it’s too big please be gentle with my blank ”you make me feel sexy/slutty/helpless/in charge/whatever when you do/say/touch this”. Stuff like that. Or don’t even both trying to be “hot” about it and just be direct. “Stop this! Do that again! Bite me here! Harder!” Be immediate and demanding. Sometimes men benefit from immediate communication about your wants and needs. Others need more subtle nudges in order to still feel wanted. All depends on what your guy prefers. Watch porn or read erotica together. Tell each other about those fantasies. If it’s weird to do together, do it separately but try to tell them about what you liked/didn’t like about that particular piece of media. Purchase a basic vibrating toy and have him use it on you. If you both like it, it can teach him a lot about how to get you off. How long it takes, how much pressure you prefer, whether or not you respond to dirty conversations in the moment, do you prefer a slow build or getting right to the chase. That’s the sort of thing you can figure out together. What you respond to can literally change through the day. This also gives him a lot of power and control over your orgasm which can be reassuring to guys that are put off by the idea of using toys. Doctors literally invented them because their fingers got tired. No shame in working smarter, not harder. Give it time. 5 months is still the very beginning of a sexual relationship. It’s normal for some experiences to be bad, some to be incredible, and for most to be pretty average or middle of the road. That doesn’t mean either of you is doing anything wrong. You can increase your overall enjoyment but not every time is going to be ‘mind blowing’. If anything satisfying, comfortable and fun are better sex goals in my opinion.

  8. 10/10 will guarantee once you've left her that she'll fucking left right and centre, despite the mental health issues. Happens all the time.

  9. Isn't there HPV1 and HPV2? 1 being cold sores on mouth occasionally, and most people have it. Hpv2 being what is considered the STD, and includes genital herpes, and can be oral as well. I think HPV1 can be given from a mon kissing a child, were as HPV2 is purely an STD? I might be all wrong about this.

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