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  1. Being confused about communication is a red flag in a relationship. She can say anything. She can display any emotion under the sun. But it should be clear and not confusing. If you find yourself confused, something is wrong.

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  3. thank you for your advice, we are just getting to know each other and he would be my first Dom but i totally agree with being more open as i said it’s just me being scared of being judged which i don’t think he would do

  4. I don't know that I have any tips in the way you might have meant but I wanted to offer some advice from the other side I guess? For various reasons I've always been puzzled why my wife doesn't spend more time on top. It's puzzling to me because it seems like she really gets off from it sometimes, and the sorts of things she really likes I think would be much easier for her on top. Reading your comments is kind of like hearing the other side of it I think. I've asked her about it and what she says kind of fits really well with what you're saying. Anyway, I guess my perspective is that her pleasure is super arousing to me, in the sense that if there wasn't anything but her just doing something solely for her pleasure, to let herself go, however you want to describe it, without me being part of the picture, it would still be incredibly sexy and arousing for me. So she would just do whatever feels good to her, it would be a massive turn on to me. Sometimes I feel like saying (and I think I have said this) that I want her to just use me as her sort of giant sex toy or something. Maybe you're just not sure what would feel best? If so, I think you need to give yourself permission to experiment and try things out. Just say that or ask if you can try this or that. I'd think it was a huge turn on really. I think being open about trying things is sexy, it shows a certain vulnerability which is sexy and also shows a certain confidence in trying to figure out what you like the most. Sometimes I think the confidence is in finding something or seeking something out rather than knowing it already, if that makes sense.

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