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Model from: ua

Languages: en

Birth Date: 1982-07-20

Body Type: bodyTypeCurvy

Ethnicity: ethnicityWhite

Hair color: hairColorBlack

Eyes color: eyeColorGrey

Subculture: subcultureRomantic

Date: June 23, 2022

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  1. No, not really. Stalking your significant other's browser history is a fucked up invasion of their privacy though. You need to admit this invasion to your significant other, admit your insecurity to him, and apologize. Then never do it again.

  2. thousands??? of American dollars? on what? OF subscriptions? paid individual contents? seriously? if your guy is such a pathetic simp that he actually pays for the PPV EXTRA SHIT…. i mean… that should be a DEALBREAKER…

  3. If she offered to blow him multiple times that day and he rejected her offer every time, but jerked off to porn as soon as she left the house, yeah that would hurt most people’s feelings. I could understand not feeling up for sex and just wanting to get off without having to please a partner, but she had offered a blowjob numerous times and been turned down. I think it’s normal to be hurt over someone choosing to jerk off to porn when you just offered them a blowjob.

  4. I have had partners who were able to slide in from any random angle perfectly and then some who I have had to guide in every single time. No problem with either. Just grab his dick and position it into the right spot. It's a win-win

  5. Howdy ? from a 36M. Similarly to how a lack of perspective can befall a privileged child who is ungrateful for his trip to Disneyland and uses the time to complain about trivial, ancillary facts of life that are present, even at “the happiest place on Earth”–this same phenomenon is very prevalent in the relationships of young adults, worldwide. He needs a wakeup call for being so rude about expressing his desire to explore more of his sexuality. He's not thinking that maybe he's taken for granted how sexually available you are and also willing to try new things, to be open to feedback at all. He's got his Mickey ears on, a spinny light up bubble dispenser AND A GOD DAMN CHURRO in his grubby little hand and all he's doing is complaining that he has to fucking walk. Non-immediate family members might call this child a thankless brat. Over time, a poisonous reservoir of resentment will fester inside both of you because of this–if it's left unresolved. This is a very slow burn and will fuck both of you up emotionally and may follow you around as emotional baggage for the rest of your lives. Don't let this go on for long. He either needs to start being polite and better with communication, or you need to grow a second pussy or whatever he's expecting. One of those two options needs to happen. Otherwise, you should be with someone who appreciates you because that's the absolute minimum you deserve.

  6. Not petty or mean, but you should have a conversation about why he doesn’t want to go down on you. He’s within his rights to not perform oral, but you are as well. If oral is a must for you and he refuses to provide, break up with him — sexual compatibility is important.

  7. The proximity effect is powerful. I feel many of us can testify to being around someone you didn't originally find attractive but down the line they start looking appealing. I believe it's the large factor of relationships starting in work places and other group type settings like classes, clubs, etc. Edit to add: it's also been researched quite a bit in the “neuroscience of human attraction” field.

  8. What may have been a simple rationalization that had little to do with him as a person could’ve been perceived as outright rejection to him. This is 100% not your fault to be clear but he may be hesitant to try again so you’ll need to initiate any further interaction.

  9. Not saying you shouldn’t, The only part of the post I’m commenting about is the “most women forget to wash their asshole and not just the cheeks” or sum shit… that ain’t right and her bootyhole smelling like shit doesn’t indicate that whatsoever.

  10. Women should specify what they mean with big D when they say it, usually women say big and mean between 6-8, that's not big in mens eyes so when you say big D without specifying we all think u need the guy to have a third leg 12 inch + coke can 😛

  11. In the Uk it’s safe to have an abortion up to the end of the 23rd week. Yes they may be common but the edge case is that a woman won’t know she’s pregnant until deep in the pregnancy. I actually have a friend that found out in month 4 so I looked it up it’s like 1/400 or 1/500 women don’t find out until month 5

  12. I have felt that way depending on how confident i am in the relationship. it's a shitty feeling knowing you're keeping a double standard. ultimately I've given up on adding a third, i just don't have the confidence to share my SO. it's my problem, and it's foolish but it hasn't been something i could manage. I'm sorry you're having to deal with this, it's exceptionally frustrating.

  13. We have tried with his finger but since he is taking my V card. He is being very cautious which I am very grateful of but the size of his p and the finger. Yeah, you can see the difference and he is afraid he would hurt me

  14. Lots of good advice here. Some other things. Ask her ahead of time what she wants, does she want to just jump straight to sex or would she like you to take it slow, wine/dine her a little first. Find out how her plan is for the evening and try to follow it, if she doesn't know, make a suggestion like: “how about a drink and appetizer, or a light dinner first, nothing to make you full and uncomfortable, then we can go to my place/your place, so kissing, some petting, one step at a time, then clothes off, foreplay, oral, sex, etc. You can say stop at any point, breaks etc.” What sexual acts does she want to try and what is off limits. Tell her to watch various porn, but she could find videos by sexart, which is more sensual in nature and generally liked by women more. This is things like “do you want me to go down on you, do you want to go down on me?”. “can I lick your ass?” Get clear guidelines of what she wants and her boundaries and don't cross them. Check on her periodically, and take breaks. Have water to drink and lube on hand. Don't forget the condoms. Buy an expensive bullet vibrator off Amazon and bring it. Let her feel it on her clit. Have her use it on her clit before you penetrate her, and while you're going in. This will help her focus on that instead of you inside her, and distract from any pain. This also works well when experimenting with anal sex too. It distracts from the pain and keeps people loose, works both ways. She is probably going to catch some feelings, and discuss that with her now. Tell her it's normal and that you are making it clear you are willing to work with her on this, but don't want a relationship. Find out if she is on birth control. Most likely she isn't because of the religion thing, and I would suggest picking up a Plan B and watching her take it after sex as another layer of protection besides the condoms. Get yourself tested after, and periodically if you're having random sexual hookups. When I was hooking up while dating, I had testing every couple of weeks to make sure nothing was wrong. I slept with around 40 women in 4 months at one point, and I sure as hell didn't want to make a call to tell someone I spread something. After care for her. Don't pump and run. She might cry after, offer her a hug or cuddling to work through it, she might cry just from the joy or having sex, or from years of trauma. Skin to skin contact after sex can help get through that. Tell her to go pee right after sex. She doesn't want a UTI, same for you. Hope it helps, and good luck.

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