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  1. Ahhh that makes sense. We did lots of foreplay, but he just felt so good in me i didn’t want him to stop lol

  2. There's always the chance that it will turn into more than that, but right now he's told you he only wants FWB, so you need to assume that's the case.

  3. Would you feel okay seeing her fuck a dude if that was her fantasy? I know she's bi so there's a little more incentive , but this is essentially putting you in her shoes. Also I'd she just came out she probably hasn't really had sex with a women before. She probably wants to explore that and get confident and comfortable with what that's like before she involves you

  4. Ask for a biopsy. They can do light sedation in office or under general. It could be something like lichen sclerosis which is commonly in that area. Lichen causes a lot of burning pain and is aggravated by friction. Lidocaine can help. Topical 2%lidocaine and lube inserted 10 mins before sex might be a treatment option whether it is LS or not. Have you read about vaginismus?

  5. The pandemic and our jobs put a huge damper on the relationship. I developed moderate depression and she gained weight. My depression is getting better. Her weight gain is still an issue and is causing image problems for her. She works out twice a week but refuses to go on a diet or count calories (no trying to put her down). Today was our first time talking about no sex for two years. It was a tough conversation.

  6. Source: trust me bro. You know that sex worker can speak for them self and they paint a much more nuanced picture. Also putting sex workers in quotation marks, gives away a clear bias.

  7. Im not agaist the watersports fettish myself But i will agree with everyother person with a penis in here that it is impossible to cum and pee at the same time. Its even hard to pee after ejaculation somtimes. So 99% sure this was intentional unless he has some rare pee/cum disorder.

  8. Men fake emotional connection. Or over act i should say. Its common for guys to bounce around. Where did u meet this guy. Just curious

  9. If he can get 3 fingers in and there's no pain… It's probably not vaginismus. You can always go to the Dr to get everything checked out. I'd say an obgyn over a GP. Not to sound like an asshole, but does he have a decent sized cock or are either of you overweight?

  10. I've since read through your comment section and we do seem to be the “silent” majority. Waaahchaw ??

  11. You have a right to continue or not the relationship just line he has a right to fuck and sleep with whoever he wants without being judged for it

  12. i did not consent to anal. he had told me afterwards he thought it would’ve been okay because i didn’t say no. you really enjoy these kinds of internet debates huh?

  13. Haha…when we are all horny, we all act different…I’m 40, and still have a hard time controlling myself sometimes. We all want the relief, the sensuality, the passion, etc when we are in that mood. I myself truly enjoy eating a woman out, among other things, but you both have to desire the same thing or each other.

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