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  1. If she has a 28 day cycle she's already ovulated. Honestly there's not much you can do about it, realistically any date in a cycle you can get pregnant there's just times there's more or less of a chance. Try not to stress, nothing can be changed now just get the meds ASAP tomorrow ❤️

  2. Because we protect children at all costs! Some things should never be desired or acted upon and if you think CP is ok or pedo/maps horseshit then you do not deserve to share oxygen with the rest of us.

  3. It took us over 15 years of being together until some sort of switch just flipped and we became in sync majority of the time. It made me question if I had ever even orgasmed before, as they are so explosive but I realized I have variable orgasms. I never experienced simultaneous orgasms with any other partner either.

  4. I had this happen. I couldn’t handle it and ended up resenting her. I broke up with her. She has 3 kids no and a loving husband.

  5. I'm going to keep this 100… If you want your sex life to have a chance at getting better, you're going to have to risk upsetting your wife and, even worse, risk learning that you married someone whose sexual interests are fundamentally incompatible with yours. Personally? I think it's worth all that because otherwise, you're dooming yourself to never knowing what may have been possible with the person you married. I think there's also another question lurking behind this: if your current sex life is about as good as it will ever get…can you accept that?

  6. I’m not sure what it’s called but like being used by a lot of people I have a “pregnancy roulette” fantasy, I'm also not comfortable acting on it so the thought of it is enough for me. I also have a rape fantasy and would never want to actually be raped or participate in CNC. You can fantasize about anything, your brain can make up the weirdest scenarios, doesn't mean that you'll end up having sex with a real octopus lol. Then again people say that I'm broken since I tend to fantasize during sex with my husband. So maybe I'm just the weird one.

  7. One of 4 things happened when she was gone: 1) She wants to play the field given the amount of male attention she received 2) Her trauma came more to the forefront for whatever reason 3) She was always a sociopath and you never noticed until now. 4) She realizes that being with you because of your mental issues is bad for her (sorry if this is true) For all 4 options, I see a breakup in your future.

  8. IME, fingering yourself doesn't work that well. Your hands are coming at the situation from the wrong angle and you're more limited in which muscles you can use. It's hard to put enough pressure where you need it. Even with clit stimulation it takes me an hour or longer to climax. What's going on in your mind for that whole hour? It's hard to focus on a fantasy for that long, so I wonder if your mind is wandering.

  9. there isn’t many men like you!!! so happy to hear men still do things to not just pleasure themselves much also think about their partner! kudos to you!!

  10. My gf of 5 years guides the missile all the time man. No worries. Don't pull ur head out all the way either. And if ur missile accidentally lands in the backyard. Do her a favor and baby wipe ur missile. She can get urinary infection if u go from backdoor to front door

  11. As long as you feel safe, I say honor your sexuality and go for it. Sometimes our sexuality is a way of acting out traumas, and once again, as long as you feel safe and are having fun, it’s perfectly normal and okay.

  12. 1) You don't know what gender is. You're another moron who thinks it's a sociological phenomenon rather than a neurochemical one. 2) “As a woman who has a vagina”. Bro, your post history is public, lmao. Stop lying. 3) Genitals are exclusive to one's sex. “But what about intersex?”: a) An abnormally doesn't mean the norm. b) Sex determination has to be binary. Stop dehumanizing people to genitalia and stop being biologically illiterate. Women can't have dicks, nor can men have vaginas.

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