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  1. They mentioned they were in an abusive relationship… Dudes like that will flip over one little thing … I don't blame her for not telling him honestly

  2. Nah dude you got this! But yeah do some gymming. Pay a good photographer for lighting and upload a good tinder acc and you will fuck like crazy

  3. I don't know how common it is but I'm the same. I can have perfectly great and satisfying sex without an orgasm.

  4. It's not weird it's just straight up selfish. That's all it is. What you do is fully up to you of course but personally I wouldn't be doing nothing for someone who only does stuff that benefits them. Actually it's kind of weird cause i find giving the women I'm with pleasure just as fun for me as it is for her.

  5. It’s frustrating as a woman how often we get told to “just say what we want them to do” “speak up more about what we like in bed” “give guidance” but at the same time so many guys also react to mild instructions as being “pushy” or “demanding”….

  6. Not gonna lie I read this and was like wait…so you’re just talking about being considerate to the other person and this is suddenly a trend? lol

  7. That's a topic, you (both) should take a lot of time to consider. I'll share, how it went for me: In my first marriage, my wife asked, if I could imagine going to a swinger club. I have to add: we were together for nearly 20 years at that point, had a good, but quite vanilla sex life and were still in love with each other. We were absolutely sure about each other to be unconditionally true to our relationship. One time I let my wife take a 3 week roadtrip with another guy, knowing they'd sleep in a tent most of the time. I didn't have to think twice – it was ok, I knew she'd NEVER betray me. This said – and I think that's the most important thing: you have to be absolutely sure that you both would never betray each other. Otherwise, a threesome would be playing with fire inside a firework-factory. So, she wanted to go to a swinger-club and I was curious and very enthusiastic to comply. We set some rules before we went (very important!): none of us would have sex with someone else without the other being present (possibly as voyeur or perhaps contributing in a threesome). And secondly: no kissing with others. It worked well for us for several times, but then one of the guys wanted more than sex from her and my wife had to terminate on very strict terms. This was, when we decided that it wasn't worth the risk and stopped. If you want to try, I can't emphasize this enough: do NOT try this with somebody, you know. Choose a club, preferrably a long way from your home – this allows for a clean exit if needed and doesn't put any friendships in danger of going fubar.

  8. Ya therapy first… but I would get buzzed or stoned… I mean u gotta take the edge off and just be in the moment, with time u may go all the way, but u gotta get ur thoughts positive and push thru…it was years ago with me and my wife (we were eachothers first) but sex took several attempts because it was tense and we lack the knowledge of fore play. Don't get shit face, but have a nice bath, a few small drinks and just make out… maybe venture more into foreplay… odd fact, we originally thought of waiting tell marriage and actually did anal first months before PIV

  9. What the actual fuck did I just read??!!?? This dude has leprosy and wanted you to put your mouth on it? There’s no way he doesn’t know what it looks like and that it’s infected and smells infected. He’s an abusive prick that tried to degrade you. Just listen to what he said.. then he doesn’t make any mention of what happened and just INVITED YOU OVER AGAIN

  10. Yes, exactly this, any oil based lubes with latex condoms is a no go, and also just buying oversized condoms without measuring is not a good idea and a recipe for disaster!

  11. This isn't a sex question, try r/relationship_advice. The only way to find out is communicate with this guy though.

  12. I agree with all of this and would add that, while inexperience isn't something that can be fixed quickly… giving a f### about the experience of your partner is important. If someone really wants to be better for their partner and has a willing partner to work with, steady progress can be made. I was always willing, but it took a while for me to be able to be good at sex. I was too nervous to say I didn't know what I was doing, and the women I was with didn't talk to me about sex. Not a great recipe for success. Eventually I figured it out and can last pretty much indefinitely now. Another thing that REALLY helps is being in better physical shape. The more fit I am, the better everything is for me and for my wife.

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