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  1. You’re either fully trolling, which I suspect, or you’re genuinely a judgmental weirdo and a bit of a bad friend. The question is what should you do??? Do about what? You’re friend is an adult, adults have sex. And you can’t go around calling another human being’s sexual experience a “mistake,” because that’s not really your call. If you have a problem giving blow jobs, don’t give them! But spoiler alert, most women do! So maybe get over yourself and stop obsessing over your adult friend’s adult decisions? Your puritanical worldview is just that, YOURS. Please don’t make your sexual holdups other peoples problem. If you don’t want to hear about it you can draw that boundary but past that it shouldn’t concern you, good day.

  2. Ask her what she would like to be the best approach. Sometimes my SO just grabs my hand and starts. For us we have an agreement for that. It's all about partnership.

  3. I understand perfectly. You need to set him off: tease his nipples, or scratch them, smack his butt, tell him he's a bad boy, do more foreplay to him than he does to you so your timing matches up.

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