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Model from:

Languages: en,fr,ar

Birth Date: 2000-11-16

Body Type: bodyTypeCurvy


Hair color: hairColorBlack

Eyes color: eyeColorBrown

Subculture: subcultureStudent

Date: June 23, 2022

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  1. it's not healthy to overthink like that, if you love him you should tell him the truth. IMO there's nothing for him to be angry about, it's super understandable what you did and what you want and if he loves you he'll accept that. You wanna marry this guy, being honest is always the best thing for a real relationship

  2. Why is it acceptable for women to be so judgmental of guys who aren’t in to something? Would it be okay for men to talk the same way about women who aren’t into anal?

  3. The article you linked, sure. My story isn't. The section of buildings I lived in on my campus were very old and had issues with the septic/plumbing system. It was an email sent to all students that lived in the three OG dorms my freshman year.

  4. she doesnt seem like she hasnt consented to her bf , she says she doesnt mind which is fine but its still weird he likes to do that so often it leaves her wanting to ask if maybe next time she should be concious… i dont judge but i think she deserves a man who include her sexual desires to balance out his own. just a thought ( fact )

  5. No, they said lie ON her. Play on words because you said YOU were a piece of shit. So you being a piece of shit lying on her will fulfill her fantasy.

  6. AFAIK, there is still no test for AMAB/penis-having people; authoritative contradictions welcome, or personal experiences with description of test protocols. This is a problem for science and also the dysfunctional (care rationing) sexual health establishment/industrial complex (e.g. not recommending testing for HSVI/II for people without known exposure or symptoms). I think you are being more than generous with your disclosure of potential exposure.

  7. Keep in mind she's pregnant so her hormones and emotions can be all over the place. That being said, I would have a problem with my boyfriend looking at “saucy subreddits” over some random porn video online. There's something personal about looking at another woman's nude pictures on Reddit or OnlyFans. Some people can also consider this cheating. You need to have a discussion with her. Ask her what she's okay with and what she's not and why. If she doesn't want you to watch any porn at all then it's definitely unreasonable and you need to make her understand that while you understand she doesn't want to have sex right now, your needs still need to be met and you'll have to come to a compromise.

  8. Integrate toys. Use a clitoral wand; super easy to incorporate if he is entering you from behind. They sell several on Amazon for around $30. Have fun!

  9. Does hubby regularly initiate? If he does, than its a you problem and you are attaching your self worth and image to the actions and outcomes of another person, which is always risky. Learn to only attach your self worth and image to factors you are in control of. If hubby is never or rarely initiating, than this lack of desire by him will inevitably destroy your self confidence and sexual confidence. That would require a conversation around the importance of him making you feel desired.

  10. When my wife and I first started, we found missionary to be the best position. Have a towel down, use lots of lube and go slow. We found that when it was too tight, if I backed up a little, give her a moment and then slowly push in a bit further, it made it easier. Once you’re in and she’s comfortable, you can start thrusting and slowly build speed. Just follow her lead, if you’re too rough or keen and it hurts her, you’re ruining it for yourself as well because she’ll be less inclined to want to try again.

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  12. IMO: Not moaning means you're holding something back. Which can be exciting as well: when doing it sneaky. But moaning is more freely enjoying yourself

  13. As a bisexual lady who likes sporting a bush just as much as shaving, I wouldn’t expect a person to go down on me with a full blown bush. You can ask her to trim (delicately-pepper it by telling her how awesome & delicious her pussy is), but be prepared if she says she isn’t comfortable with shaving/trimming. If she’s not…spread her lips more when you’re going down there. It’s hot and gets the hair out of the way :3

  14. Safe, sane, consensual. Maybe consider working up to it over a series of tries to test your comfort and figure out where your boundary is, and be prepared just in case of injury if you actually are gonna go that hard. You don't have to completely jump in blind here, go slow!

  15. That would definitely make it more difficult. But I think it might be worth a shot? Even if they don't want to help you won't be in a worse situation, and best case scenario you might be in a much better one.

  16. 1) this was me when I started having sex. Couldn’t cum with my first 2 partners, then after that only irregularly. Many many moons later I can almost always cum. It’s all in your head, you just started, you’re nervous. You need to relax and let yourself go, which is far easier said than done, so just keep at it. t. 2) try skyn brand non latex condoms. Huge difference, especially the ultra thin ones. 3) Make sure your girlfriend knows that you’re enjoying sex even if you don’t cum, so she doesn’t feel bad about it, really emphasize this. And start calling an end to sex early if she’s gotten off a few times and looks done even if you haven’t finished.

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