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  1. 1 – I always enjoy being woken up by a blowjob. Then we usually segue into a good sex session. 2 – I enjoy going down on my SO, but more often I just slide into Her when She's asleep, which She's receptive to at all times. We sleep nude, usually spooning. 3 – We just talked about it. She knows what I like, I know what She likes. We both know each others limits and when She's asleep is not the time to push those limits. We do what we like. 4 – Just talk about it. The hardest part is communicating about what you like and what you don't. Once that is done, then you can actually DO the things you talked about.

  2. Having a chance to think on this more, this is whag ill say: objectivity isnt something we are capable of. Anyone who clings to objectivity is lying to themselves. Im also a trained artist and i now say with complete certainty: ugly isnt something people are. Its something they do. When you consider how much of our beauty standards flow from racist shit or other horrible sources, I say we all move on. This may be a little tok “there is no spoon” for you, but that reafrion if dishust and judgement isnt coming from them. Thats inside of you. Thats how you feel non-beautiful folks should be viewed and treated. Thats how you feel you should be treated.

  3. I would do a voice note telling her what’s gonna happen next time you see her don’t do a video doesn’t feel like she asked …voice note is erotic and foreshadowing without overstepping boundaries that videos sometimes breach

  4. I quit. It was actually pretty easy Once you find someone that gives a shit about you and treats you decent.

  5. It’s fine to have preferences, just make sure to keep that same energy if a guy were to ever leave you for some shit you can’t change

  6. idk my girl begs for no condoms because she wants me to cum in her, like one of those she wants it but doesnt due to pregnancy scares we aren't quite ready for since she's not on the pill no IUD, etc. I have a few times and shes said its much better for her, could be more mental than physical. idk, small man brain over here. I suggested an IUD, so it always feels its best, but leaving that up to her, lol

  7. this. he already knows its wrong but did it anyway. end it. if you gets too angry, report him to the police. he is just a bad dude.

  8. Your Ex lied , sorry. Girls, i am sure i speak the truth For a lot of Girls, dont love the Taste. They love the Situation with you, the feeling. Come on, its not chocolate. BUT yes there are differences, reduce your Meat, Alcohol, Fat Consume, Then she can enjoy it.

  9. Okay, can you travel someplace and get checked ? AND what is the smell like ? How is your vaginal discharge?

  10. The longer you go like this the more it's going to screw you up. This sounds horrifying honestly. You aren't a good match. I have a friend who was in a sexless relationship living with his partner and it screwed him up a lot. He internalized that he's “not good enough” and doesn't deserve intimacy and to be happy.

  11. I tried to retract it in the shower but almost blacked out. Should I try to retract it back fully in the shower?

  12. Depends on her personality. It may be best to just forget about it if she tends to hang onto regrets. If she has a good sense of humor, just make sure to stress that you love her (and make sure she feels it) before talking about it.

  13. Yeah I’d definitely need to ease into that. I’m anything but a dominant person. Again totally willing to try for him, but I’m nervous that it’s not going to be convincing and come off clunky or unappealing. We just have so much respect for each other. I think it’s a learning curve for both of us. I’ve asked him if he’s ever done anything like what he wants and he said no and that I’m the first person that’s ever even found out. He said he’s not sure why it gets him going but it does and has since high school.

  14. Not open by any means. I don’t even want an emotional connection with the other person. Hell I wouldn’t even want another person to have sex with me if he was enough sexually. I think I’m asking how to word bringing up another person for m sexually. Without breaking his confidence. Whether that be a 3 way. Or him being intimate with me while I’m having sex with another.

  15. No…it makes her extremely manipulative for having you agree to very specific conditions, set boundaries, then come at you with sexism when she can't get side dick whenever she wants. That wasn't what you both agreed on. My ex did this same bullshit. You DON'T have to be comfortable with her getting cocked. Her eating out some girl she thinks is hot is NOT opening a risk of unwanted pregnancy from a third party. I'm sorry she tried to trap you in your emotions over this. What and asshole

  16. I honestly didn't think about mentioning it? I think the first time it came up was in regard to my grooming preference, since my folicullosis makes shaving very unpleasant, and it was something along the lines of “oh btw, do you have a grooming preference? I can't do shaving bc my skin is very sensitive and I even get this pimples in my groin and butt that you might've seen, but I can trim more or try waxing if you'd like that”. And more generally, I tend to comlpain to him if I have a bad one that hurts so he can comfort me lol

  17. He is sexually selfish. Does he want oral from you? If at 29 , he can't put the pieces together, he never will.

  18. It's Going to be painful, almost certainly. Get yourself most of the way there (masturbate) before, then let him take you. 🙂 after the first few times, you'll have it figured out.

  19. I didn’t read all of you post but I didn’t want to lose the idea and I’m excited to share. If you are good with recording things maybe you could stage a naughty rendezvous. You wouldn’t need another person. I imagine somewhere on the Internet you could find free erotic voices that you wanted or liked. Set the scene for a night with a new man and Accidentally butt dial him so he can hear you being fulfilled to the max and maybe masturbate while you do it I know this would turn me on! The imagination can do ALOT and maybe it’ll be even hotter because it’s mysterious and like, oops tee hee;) #fakecuckholdvoicemailturnsmeon

  20. If that’s happen multiple times a day and prolonged it may be painful. It’s called blue balls. Ocassionally – no big deal.

  21. You should share these ideas you have about yourself to your therapist so you can start working through them. The amount of self-loathing I've seen in your comments makes me think your gf is emotionally/mentally abusive to make you think this about yourself. Your ace partner should support your sexual needs and find ways to help your sexual love bucket get filled. They should want you to be sexually fulfilled and enthusiastically help in ways that are comfortable for them. Making you feel shame about a need that is necessary and important, just b/c they have a different relationship to that need, is extremely toxic and possibly abusive. Talk to your therapist and girlfriend.

  22. Keep your virginity, for someone else closer to your own age. He's more than old enough to be a father to someone your age. What do you have in common other than sex organ compatibility? I hope he's not been grooming you?

  23. tbh it sounds like you're just not that sexually compatible with these women and you should keep looking for someone who naturally wants as much sex as you do

  24. You are definitely not wrong with the first bit he’s definitely watched a lot of porn, and that’s where it all stems from what he sees. And thinks that if we do it it’s going to look like that I think.

  25. I don’t have a partner, but I do have a FWB and he always hands me a towel when we are done…I shove a towel under me and sit up for a few minutes and then just wipe down there.

  26. Most definitely, I did at penetration the first time ever trying it and since then I’ve lasted longer but the point is, yes, yes you can it just depends on the person.

  27. “Pussy talking to me”, yeah! Although the sound is ugly, and it startles, realize what the cause is. It comes from prolonged stuffing himself into you. It makes me smug. The pussy is saying, “Atta boy! Way to go! Studly!”

  28. It's better to come clean rather than be called inexperienced. No matter what tips you receive..things in theory & practice are completely different.

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