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  1. Thank you for the kind comment! Very true, the last time I was on it was a bad experience so I’ve been wary to try again which in turn made me feel bad, like I wasn’t doing my part. I should have realised earlier I was the only one worried lol Appreciate the reminder that it takes two to tango!

  2. Your gift was not received well for a reason and I think you know why. Gifts are supposed to be thoughtful and we can only assume she interpreted your gift as something you wanted more then she did and therefore selfish. Negging is a form of passive aggressive corrosion. Something to think about since you thought it was a good idea and misjudged. You might make amends by buying Come AsYou Are, by Emily Nagoski. Read it together and do the quizzes so you can learn about what turns her on and how yo can spark her libido. She will learn a lot about you as well so it’s a win/win.

  3. Worldwide average penis length is between 5.1 and 5.5 inches. Your girl is entitled to her own opinions, but she's not entitled to her opinions being factually correct.

  4. Could be beard burn, pretty common when kissing someone with stubble or a shorter beard. Or it could be from her toothpaste if she’s switched brands. Or it could be anything else really.

  5. This guy is out to selfishly take away your whole career. Don’t submit your whole life to the guy, if he screws you over when you’re stuck with a child and you’ve missed out on education you’ll be in a terrible spot. As if he’s mocking you for wanting to be on birth control as well? Man, sorry but… what a dick. That’s unbelievably uncool. Best of luck OP. Please be careful, yeah?

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