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  1. You are doing good work for yourself. Please continue to listen to your inner voice and assert your boundaries. His reaction will tell you everything you need to know about what kind of partner he is.

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  3. Disconnect whether they cum from how good you are. For me – the motions of a BJ that feel amazing are different from the motions of a BJ that make me cum. The latter needs a lot more hand action generally speaking. Or super tiresome neck action for the giver ?. It’s not as fun tbh.

  4. Honestly it could be that you weren't aroused enough. Arousal helps with the vagina being lubricated hence why foreplay can be so vital. Its good for either side. It would also help the vaginal canal elongate. Which makes sex more enjoyable and comfy for you.

  5. I can't keep my nails long because I work with horses, but I also play guitar. My go to is a finger pick since they're super convenient and you technically don't have to hold them as tightly as a normal pick

  6. Depending on the body, when you are a shooter, sometimes you snipe the wrong target…I have had twice in my life when it just came out, both times the girl was on top.

  7. He has someone in mind or is already having sex with that person. Your boundaries are not unreasonable. You don't have to settle for a guy who doesn't want to cater towards your needs.

  8. As a husband to a wife with insane pelvic floor muscles, I think what's happening is this: if the muscles contract, but the penis isn't fully inserted, it can push it out. Depending on the strength, it can range from a simple plop to a hard punch in the dick. My wife once sneezed and almost figuratively yeeted my dick back into my body. Wouldn't recommend.

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