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Languages: en

Birth Date: 2003-02-10

Body Type: bodyTypeAthletic

Ethnicity: ethnicityWhite

Hair color: hairColorOther

Eyes color: eyeColorGreen

Subculture: subcultureStudent

Date: July 1, 2022

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  1. Apologies! I felt I did alright explaining but I know that's not the case for everyone on here. I am also very tired and was previously a little drunk. Minor is almost 18, I am early 20s, the two having sex are early 30s. This is also not a highschool party. It's a very small group of mostly early 30s and up, at a mutual friends house. This is not a typical thing.

  2. Watching 2 girls have sex is totally different to a guy watching gay porn? girls go on nights out and kiss eachother that aint gay thats just girls being crazy. If a guy watches gay porn its not cause he just likes it

  3. I watch gay porn ! as in two men ! What label does that give me then ? I watch because there’s a power dynamic, i like it !! I dont watch lesbian porn , doesn’t do anything for me tbh , the point is there shouldn’t be a label for anyone who watches things with the same sex , sometimes it has nothing to do with being gay , straight or bi and more about exploring your sexual experiences , likes and dislikes.

  4. If I had to walk in on my wife and another man Id probably shoot them both out of rage. Not saying it's right, just saying you don't touch another man's woman unless you want him to bury you in the position he found you. My advice is tell him you think that she may be unfaithful, he has a right to know. He may not end the relationship over it but at least he will have his guard up and it won't be quite as shocking if/when it happens. Hell the kid might not even be his, always test to be sure, it's always the ones you never expect that will betray you.

  5. You can't tell by looking. Absolute bollocks. Maybe a gynaecologist who has seen 10 000 vaginas can tell but I doubt it and I don't know one to ask.

  6. I'd say setting rules on positions and axing foreplay would suggest she's not nearly ready to make it a reality. You could do some cuckquean dirty talk or roleplay, but I'd ask her about it before sex because that shit is not the thing you want to just bring up while she's vulnerable.

  7. bro forget what everyone else is saying- the duration youre looking for will not happen until you forget that youre concerned with it. its like a freaking ironic parable

  8. I just came up with some more, everyone’s responses gave me inspiration. Lol I want you in me I want you so bad You feel so good in me I love how you feel in me Hold me tighter Squeeze me hard What do you want to do to me? Take me hard

  9. If I was your partner, if don't the “going straight to a fleshlight” part… Well, offensive. I'm not a fan of pulling out either, but that part. Ok. The fleshlight though, that's insulting. Masturbate, let her give you a handjob. Anything is better in my book.

  10. You can’t diagnose yourself if your not at ground zero which means sober. Alcohol is extremely toxic on the body. Start there. If still having issues most likely anxiety. Between these two probably 95% of problem for guys under 40.

  11. 38/straight/m – I'm gonna vote in the minority here. Boobs don't really do much for me. They can be really great to fill out a feminine “figure” that I'm attracted to. My preference is to spend my time playing around with other parts of a body. (Note: Probably because women in my family have large breasts and I grew up hearing them complain about the physical and social discomfort they can bring about.)

  12. Lower body and core strength will be huge for this. Hack squat, front squat, hip thrust, throw in the bench press because why not and also build your back with rows.

  13. Just because no one has mentioned it, if you're on birth control it's worth stopping and using condoms instead to see how that affects your libido.

  14. Was sex always like this? Or you knew all this while dating him and decided to marry him anyways; not breaking up so you can find someone that satisfies you like your ex did, and he can find someone that actually loves him and his dick Forgive me for snooping at your post history but like it just isn’t working out lol; you seem miserable with him

  15. Because I absolutely love cuddling naked. The feeling of skin to skin is just wonderful. I also love the look of a naked body. Don't worry if your body isn't model like perfect. We don't care. Even a naked body that is not conventionally attractive is wonderful and sexy and turns us on when it's in person and being intimate. If you have body image problems then you're over thinking your partner's reaction to it.

  16. I have a friend who's ex boyfriend was a virgin at 22 when they dated and i have another friend who recently got into a relationship with a guy who's 27 and was still a virgin when he met her. I also have a male friend who lost his virginity at 22 and another male friend who is still a virgin at 23 and he's a great guy with loads of friends just very shy when it comes to talking to women in a romantic way. I have also had plenty of female friends over the years who were still virgins in their early 20s. It's really not a big deal, virgins just don't go around telling everyone about their sex life while people who have sex, especially in highschool or college go around gloating and exaggerating. So your view of what is normal gets skewed.

  17. Lol I'm so jealous about the pegging part, I for sure know he's not into it haha I was also on birth control for many years so maybe it does make sense? In general he's very vanilla and that's why I'm a bit reluctant but honestly it would be so hot

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