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  1. Do you really think anyone's going to say, “It's permanent”? 🙂 If thinking your usual thoughts isn't working, think about different things. Play different stories for your mind's eye. Try it with different people. If you can't do that, fantasize about getting revenge the one who broke your heart (but please, don't actually do it). Talk to yourself about what's next after him. Find something to break the cycle of painful thoughts. Don't sweat this setback, since it's only been two weeks.

  2. She wasn’t fine with not getting any emotional behaviour from him. She was fine with it not being an obligation for him. Those are two very different things. And if a guy takes something that way then he should ask questions and clarify. Not interpret his partners words differently. I’ve been on the receiving end of this conversation many times and never thought it had anything to do with me and my performance. I asked questions and talked through what our relationship would look like if we made that decision.

  3. Judging from your comments, your boyfriend is a bucket of red flags. Throat fucking is for those who are experienced and with a partner they absolutely trust. Don’t let him abuse your inexperience by pressuring you into something that will only benefit him. Reevaluate this relationship. If you let him slide with this one despite your own discomfort, he will absolutely try to pressure you into another hardcore thing then another. He’s basically trying to use you as a fuckdoll and not caring about your sexual wellbeing or boundaries.

  4. That’s understandable that she prefers partnered sex, but we don’t always get what we prefer. Imagine posting “I work two jobs while my wife is unemployed. My wife is capable of microwaving herself food or ordering delivery, but she’s insisting that I cook her a home made meal every day after work. What can I do to keep up with her request?” People would tell you she was being unreasonable and unfair. Yes you should come up with a compromise- like 3 or 4 times a week. But if she wants daily, she can settle for doing it for herself some.

  5. Yes, you need to quit porn and work on developing your natural desire. Your reliance on this fetish is not healthy, as you can clearly intuitively sense yourself. There are so many resources on the internet to work on your confidence and self-love, so I encourage you to stop there, and I'm sure a ton of introspection with a therapist will help too. Re: taking a break with porn…because you have become so dependent on it, it will take time, and you likely will have relapses. Be patient with yourself, forgive yourself, and keep putting more time between relapses. Lay in bed, put your phone/computer in another room, and just masturbate with fantasies. Over time, guide your fantasies to non-affair fantasies. You're going to discover a lot about yourself during this journey. We're here supporting you and cheering you on!

  6. Every grape I've ever squeezed popped from rather gentle pressure, they're kinda firm but they pop easily, if you use your whole hand and not 2 fingers it'd probably take less pressure than a testicle can handle even when not erect.

  7. None of this remotely sounds like evidence of cheating, that's insane. People last longer sometimes. Probably he masturbated in advance so that he would be able to last longer, and probably he said “shut up” because he was embarrassed about not having lasted very long last time.

  8. I’m trying to get as much evidence as possible, I already know she went and saw a guy behind my back, I just didn’t want to drop all the info but she’s also giving me good reason to believe they didn’t do anything so I’m tryna figure this out.

  9. Just have him lay back and enjoy the show. I’m sure he’ll find it very hot watching you do it and he’ll know after that how to get you off, which will make you both enjoy sex that much more.

  10. This is going to vary wildly woman to woman. Some women can only orgasm from PIV after they have already orgasmed doing something else. Some women become so hypersensitive after an orgasm that they need a pretty long break before they do anything else. My wife turns into a PIV orgasm machine if we do PIV after getting her completely worn out doing other play first. The real answer to your question is to experiment and communicate. Figure out where her sweet spot is for combining play and PIV.

  11. Dude is a textbook coomer. I don’t think I heard one positive aspect in the entire post lol.

  12. It could be all of the things you mentioned above plus don't forget sex is also an emotional activity there is all kinds mixed feelings involved especially after orgasm. I am a man but sometimes just a stupid commercial will make my tears swell for no particular reason. We are complex emotional beings and you shouldn't blame your body for something it is obviously purging in those moments. I'd say at this time maybe it would be beneficial if you are going to hook up, do it with someone who you know would be okay with aftercare and cuddles and just being there immediately afterwards. Don't be too hard on yourself. Enjoy yourself and let your body do its thing. Good luck!

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