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  1. Skyn for me are one of the only brands that don't fuck with my PH or cause weird issues. Also they don't have that smell that most latex condoms have.

  2. I'm so baffled by this thread. As a woman, all I have to do is rub my clit with a finger. That's it. Fucking myself with a dildo feels great, sure, but I don't need it to cum at all. I can rub my clit standing or sitting in literally any position, and I've had ex-gfs who masturbated the same way with no issues.

  3. You may want to go on /r/swingers and read some of their advice threads. The general them is “communication, communication, communication, curb your expectations for one another, and have fun.” Group play of any kind in a relationship which has been built on monogamy can lead down a dark road very quickly. TBH, you might also try roleplay centered around group play or sleeping with another man to see if you two actually even like it. Sometimes it's porn-brain talking when people get into cuckolding. Here are some lightly-edited starter questions I left for somebody earlier to do with them having a threesome. It's not exactly the same thing of course, but they should give some idea of the sorts of tough questions you and your partner should be able to answer before you try something like this: Are you both enthusiastically on board with this? Does he expect that you would let him sleep with other women because you have slept with other men? What if his feelings are hurt? (Note: bad idea to proceed if the answer to this is yes, unless you are also enthusiastically on board with him sleeping with other women.) Does that extend to both MFM and FMF? Are there any acts your husband wouldn't feel comfortable doing with another man — e.g. having sex without a condom, kissing, staying the night, anal, creampies, ejaculation inside with a condom? When one of these boundaries is inevitably accidentally broken, does he want to know, or is it expected you keep it a secret? What's the plan for when negative feelings come up after you have sex with another woman? How should you handle it if you develop feelings for another man you are sleeping with? Who will you sleep with? Somebody you know, or don't know? If you like it, is he comfortable with you continuing to sleep with the same person? If it turns out you don't like it, can you pump the breaks? What does that look like — does it mean having a chat and hitting pause “for now?” Does it mean no mentioning the fantasy in the bedroom? Does it mean never brining up the fantasy again? Same questions for if he changes his mind. What does that look like? …and more. Basically imagine the worst possible things that could happen — can you still speak openly about it? If you can't, this might just be better as a fantasy.

  4. Exactly.. I can’t imagine just leaving prevention up to condoms but I know that is method some people only use. I’m not comfortable with that

  5. First of all we didn’t like go out and “get it” I had her. Weird wording. And we wanted a family. She’s the most amazing thing to happen to both of us. She’s the most loved, spoiled lil girl. The No family “village” didn’t happen until later after she was born. We cut his toxic family off. Mine lives out of state. Life is stressful regardless of a child or not.

  6. Glad for you mate! It's so hard when you're very energetic in bed to meet and sleep with people who just aren't on the same level. I hope this relationship carries through for you and the two of you get to enjoy that exchange for a long time to come!

  7. I'm not trying to offend, but that's hot AF. Maybe it's just me, but I get really turned on when my woman gets soaked. It's just something about knowing she is so turned on. It just makes me hornier. Lol. Not only that, but it's much easier to put it in. Maybe I'm just a weirdo.

  8. Also don't men start to have a hard time with their equipment at around the same time? Like they don't get as hard or have trouble staying erect? ED is pretty common and not talked about. Good chance it's both.

  9. Same here. 1st date hookup. Got married a year later. Totally uhauled with her as well. I'm on year 4. But daughter will never know the truth.

  10. Yeahhhhhhh I know it’s another problem but for most of my life I just never really cared if I orgasmed during sex or not. I still enjoy the sex

  11. The word “friendzoned” is a red flag here because it's generally used by people who have fairly negative views about women. I don't say you do, just to be aware that it's a red flag. The thing you need to understand about women is that with men pretty much the worst thing that's likely to happen if a hookup goes wrong is that they don't have sex, for women the worst thing that's likely to happen is that they get raped and murdered and that is quite likely to happen. So the absolute first thing you need to ensure, well before anything else, is that they feel confident that you're not going to rape and murder them. In order for them to have that they need to feel confident that you view them as an actual human being with thoughts and feelings and agency, and not as a “place to find sex”. From there it's about finding people who want the same thing you want (internet is your friend) and then clearly communicating what you want with no games. But given your title refers to sex as a location and not a person I'm wondering if you really are getting friendzoned or if women are just giving you a polite brushoff because they are scared of you.

  12. Swinger here for 7 years. Our issue came up when I would see him give others extraordinary attention in bed, but we were often only having maintenance sex at home. I had to ask for what I wanted – I wanted the type of sex where he took his time, massaged me, went down on me, before PIV. And I got it. That kind of sex is Amazing. Maintenance sex mid week where I can't relax enough to truly be in the moment is decent sex, but when I can truly receive pleasure is where the sex I crave is. It took me first communicating what I wanted, and then being open to receiving that kind of attention when it was offered.

  13. Heyy maybe instead of playing with his hair put ur hands on his head and use him like a vibrator? Take control of his him…

  14. I hooked up twice with someone who was really bad in the sack and didn't give head. This is why I decided to end. I don't think I will want to be in a relationship with someone who doesn't give head and I don't mean once in a while sory of give head.

  15. I'm pretty sure she has kissed other guys. I have kissed a girl before, but only happened playing spin the bottle a few months ago l.

  16. I would say demonstrate to your partner how you want it done and how you enjoy it. Don’t just say it verbally, show them.

  17. Oh 100%. My heart rate has been elevated for the past 6 weeks according to my fitness tracker I wear. All day my heart is pounding through my chest. I had to drop caffeine consumption recently because it triggers my anxiety waaaay too much now. The moment I think of sex my body goes numb now. I’ve never experienced anything like it.

  18. If you don't want to get pregnant that's your responsibility to protect yourself with birth control. If he doesn't want another kid that's his responsibility to protect himself with birth control. Accountability kinds trumps everything else you said as it's your responsibility to protect yourself from unwanted mistakes. Not his.

  19. This isn’t a YOUR dick vs hand difference, this is an ALL dicks vs hands difference. I have a partner who is has a sizable penis and I greatly enjoy the intimacy when we have intercourse, but in general the dexterity and angles you can reach with a penis are not the same as the angles and dexterity you experience with fingers. I really enjoy being fingered by one or two fingers which is significantly smaller than his penis, and the sensations achievable with fingers are simply more intense. Not to mention he can control depth, speed, and angles far better with fingers than he ever could with his penis.

  20. Not sure what your source of info is but I’m here to tell ya that women, not all but most, get plenty of stimulation from penetration. Some girls come from penetration some from external stim. Tough to blanket statement all women but you’re off track with that assumption.

  21. Everybody used to be a virgin. The only way you get experience is by doing things you are not yet experienced with. maybe he didn't have such a good time When I was in my early 50s, I had a brief affair with a woman of 22, and to be blunt, she was terrible at it. Which should not have been surprising: she had not had much practice with sex, so she was a little clumsy at it. But that is not to say I did not have a good time. She was a sweet, bright, kind girl. We didn’t work as a couple (for reasons having nothing to do with age or sex), but if we had, over time, she would have gotten better in the sack, and her sweetness, brightness, and kindness would only increase. is there anything that guys really like or make em feel good, that women usually do not know and y'all have to ask them to do it? Yes! Tell him what you want. You want to be spanked? Say, “Spank me!” You want head? Say, “Eat my pussy!” If you like something, say so. Harder, softer, whatever. Few women are good at this and very few young women. Not knowing specifically what a girl wants can give sex a frustrating, Rubik’s-cube aspect to it. It doesn’t have to be something he can even do right at the moment. What a nice moment it would be if you two were eating in a restaurant and you whispered in his ear, “I wish I were sucking your cock right now.”

  22. Thankfully, it didn't end like that. We parted ways when our sex was still healthily expressed, but my mental experiences with very kinky Daddy/babygirl fantasies during masturbation really introduced to me how toxic kink can be. Yes, we're in a culture of eroticized abuse. Well put. How did you find it? Please give me as many details about your journey to this place. I need hope.

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  24. You've made posts all across reddit about how abusive this guy is, how your friends tries an intervention on you to help see how abusive he is, and YOUR STILL NOT SEEING IT AS ABUSE. ༎ຶ⁠‿⁠༎ຶ

  25. Omg omg omg this is my favorite thing on the internet. This sounds like a Roald Dahl short story scenario. I would watch a movie about this. Buy a praying mantis to watch it with. Either: A) this isn’t real B) this is surreal! If it is actually happening, it sounds like you gotta get some humor and respect the bugs, or get out of dodge quick. Nothing wrong with her liking bugs more than people. Nothing wrong with you being turned off by her behavior either. But hostage situations like “no sex with bugs in the house” is unhealthy because she hears “no bugs with sex in the house” and she loves her buggies. In the end if you leave it sounds like she’ll be happy anyways. Y’all are young and have plenty of time to meet a new Mr. or Mrs. Mite, er, excuse me, Mr. Right.

  26. Something that also doesn't get mentioned much…having a lack of shame around wanting casual sex (or sex in general). A lot of guys sabotage their own chances to hookup with women who are willing to sleep with them, due to the hamster wheel of thoughts they aren't aware of running in their own heads.

  27. Sometimes they don't look like anything. Sometimes an itch or redness in folds of skin. Or a smell… Go to the Dr and they can do a swab and culture to see if anything is growing.

  28. My first relationship was like this.. we were each other’s first time. Seems romantic, but he was a horrible person. Anyways, he would also think I’m just ready to go after just a minute of making out. 95% of the time when we had sex I would bleed and hurt for a few days. He did not have a larger than average penis. This happened for a year. He also gave me 7-8 UTI’s that year. With my current boyfriend I only bled a hand full of times when we’ve had sex. He’s more experienced. He also never gave me a UTI in the 2.5 years we’ve been dating. He was pretty concerned why I was bleeding and he told me that wasn’t normal. When we first did it, afterwards he was like “You’re in your period.”.. nope

  29. It's a scary prospect for a male partner, so he'd probably be more open to it if you initiated and talked to him about it (during sex or otherwise).

  30. Your partner is encouraging you to take the lead – it can make you feel self conscious at first but go for it – one thing at a time. You don’t have to change who you are. Maybe try and initiate sex – ‘Let’s go upstairs now.’ For dirty talk You don’t have to go too dirty – ‘that feels so good’ and lots of moans!

  31. Please ask your girlfriend before you try it on your girlfriend. Her opinion is the only one that matters.

  32. If she forgets what she promises in bed, does she regularly forget other things? If it's only the sex she forgets, what is the rest of your sex life like? Does she ever request anything? How is her confidence? Making promises and then not following through sounds like she is battling something Internal, like insecurity. It sounds like she finally works herself up to say those things for you, but then actually doing them is too much pressure. Perhaps she needs to go to therapy? IMO, any sex act should never be a “gift”. It puts far too much pressure on people by blowing it up into a much bigger thing than is necessary. Once you promise sex as a gift, it becomes obligatory, not spontaneous and fun. It might be worth talking to her and asking her to stop “gifting” sex.

  33. Yes. Call. Ask her if she wouldn't mind talking about it, and if she would be open and honest. Tell her this isn't about getting back together, but that you'dike her help being being better in bed, and that you feel bad you weren't a better partner. Dont be pissed. Don't be creepy. Be honest and friendly. People don't communicate enough about sex. So fix that.

  34. Just do it! U just gotta do it. Doesn't matter with who or how. U need to address that fear & anxiety, fuck, & defeat it. Fuck to fight lol! Just say fuck it & fuck it lol

  35. Is porn with losing his relationship with you… that’s what you should ask him That sounds like a great way to help mend things, an ultimatum based around someone’s self professed personal insecurity ?

  36. I'm very sorry you're going through this. Please don't feel disgusted with yourself – his inability to cope with the situation says a great deal more about him than it does you. You deserve someone who accepts you for the person you are, not someone whose love is conditioned on physical appearance. Please believe that you'll find the right person – this guy just isn't the one.

  37. I got pregnant through intercourse 5 days before ovulation, and the egg implanted 5 days after that. People can get pregnant at any point in their cycle.

  38. We usually do missionairy, doggy and cowgirl with me sitting up. We slip out the most in doggy and missionairy but still slip out a decent amount of times in cowgirl.

  39. You're right, I guess I can frame it around clarifying boundaries. Shes still not going to be happy I asked though I guarantee it so Im kind of dreading it…

  40. Did yu actually? Lmao how was it ? He joked about getting me one but we never actually did lmao I wanted one so bad, yes though my best suggestion would be try laying off a bit and try finding another hobby to distract yut mind. For me it's video games but it can be anything that doesn't make Yu think about those things

  41. Go to therapy. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but this kink often comes from eroticizing your fears over being cheated on or abandoned. Mine started after my ex cheated on me. And she ultimately cheated again and left me. Fast forward to my current ( and most wonderful) wife and the kink is still there. She wasn’t interested in this at all, so I turned to a Hotpast fetish (wanted to hear about her past sexual experiences as a turn on). This made me crazy aroused … to the point of shaking. But after I came I always felt extreme jealousy and heartbreak. I am in therapy now and realized these kinks I have is actually keeping me for repairing my confidence, trust in my current partner, and ultimately my healing. With this kink there is a mix of jealously and arousal. Sometimes the jealousy is low, and I could enjoy the arousal very very much. Other times the arousal is low and the jealously eats me alive. Ultimately I’ve decided to work on myself and the more I have this kink has subsided and I learned I didn’t really like it as much as I was using it for for the purpose of making my gut wrenching fears and lack of trust into something more palatable.

  42. He cuts inside you…then you get to orgasm on his face after he eats you out. And you won't leave his face until you cum. A deals a deal!

  43. this would creep me out so bad ?? personally, i’d give up after that, lol. you’ve told him you still want him and that he’s wrong but he still holds onto these things about you he made up in his head. mans needs therapy ???

  44. People do have a point in the comment section it's not just not having sex before marriage you can't live with the person either. Because it creates the problem you're describing in your post that temptation is there you want to sleep with her. At least that's how it's supposed to be according to the religion

  45. We used a dildo that had been an important component of the early days of our love story. We also stayed in a hotel (hotel sex is just different, and had been an important part of our early love story as well because of being in an LDR) and we talked beforehand about what we wanted our wedding-night sex to be like.

  46. Oh no I didn’t mean for you to take it that way as you put it. But I just like to speak from experience and also have read numerous scientific research on female pleasures and it has been established over and over how the female orgasm simply is more intense than the males orgasm. Females and males aren’t the exact same, though similar. Women don’t have trouble orgasming but more so that men simply cannot pleasure her properly since he cannot ever know exactly what her spots are. And many women are taught unfortunately by culture society and religion to suppress their sexuality so many women don’t try to explore her body. But it isn’t because she is defective or simply cannot have orgasms, in fact it has been scientifically proven every women are capable of orgasming and her orgasms are far more intense than the male orgasms. Also, has been proven that females are the sexual athletes caption going endlessly. That was a study done by Masters and Johnson’s. It was also discovered that females actually have 4 orgasmic nerve pathways from her genitals to her brain while men only has one from genitals to brain. And it was recently, last year, scientifically studied and proven that the female clitoris has more than 10,000 nerve endings in her clitoris and that is 3-4x more than the male penis as a whole. So females truly are gifted and if women break free from all of these sexual repressions and restrictions (which thank goodness they have been and have been far more sex positive in recent years than ever) they can finally show how extremely sexual they naturally are.

  47. Yeah, we met online late 2021. he came out to see me in person and then we went on a little denver trip. We were long distance for 2 months until he moved to east coast. So have only known eachother in person, living together and all for around 15 months

  48. Just set up a glory hole. Leave you gf and her friend on the other side. After that, it's in God's hands and has nothing to do with you.

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