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Model from:

Languages: es,en,fr,de,ar,zh,pt

Birth Date: 1982-09-01

Body Type: bodyTypeAverage

Ethnicity: ethnicityLatino

Hair color: hairColorBlack

Eyes color: eyeColorBrown

Subculture: subcultureHousewives

Date: July 6, 2022

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  1. But post hormones means that her penis will be softer and that it will not smell like a dude's penis. So it's not exactly “sucking dick”. After all, a penis and a clitoris start out as the same organ until the chromosomes and hormones get involved.

  2. Order her around. Tell her to get on her knees. Smack her in the face with your dick. Doesn’t have to be hard if she doesn’t like rough stuff. Even lighter tapping asserts a kind of dominance. Tell her you are ready to be pleasured and she better do a good job. Manhandle her like a doll, moving her into different positions. There’s all kinds of dirty talk, can say dirty little slut, or pretty little slut, or such a good little slut. Personally I love both praise and light degradation. Don’t forget the aftercare.

  3. I guess? I just feel kind of weird that it was his plan all along, instead of just being transparent from the beginning

  4. I thought I might not enjoy penetration so much For some reason, this sounds like a pretty nice thing to be proved wrong on. condoms and sex toys are pretty hard to come by here Conservative country, huh? Remember something pretty important here, If you live in a place where people disapprove of simple things like birth control, then they also disapprove of more complicated things as liberated women, sexual health, women who have orgasms and stuff like that. Comparing notes with your peers is not likely to give you correct answers, because people are brought up to not think about and not talk about sex much. Kind of the opposite of what it's like here in /r/sex, where most of the crowd are used to talking about it all the time and enjoying the mental aspect of it on a daily basis. Both those worlds are real, and both of them are extremes. I'm the only one I know who's going through this at my age Most people have their sexual awakening in their late teenage years. Some ridiculous early, even before they are teenagers. And some as late as in their early 30's. You are not super-early, but also not eye-catching late. I've learned a few things See. The fact that pretty much every thing you learn about yourself comes with a reward makes it a lot more fun to learn, don't you think? Don't be afraid of learning more and figuring out more things. Knowing how you work and what you want is quite empowering. At the very least if you compare with the alternative, that you could have been still completely unaware that your body could do this. And that would have been a shame, wouldn't it?

  5. I've been wanting to try anal with my wife SO bad. Didn't realize the kind of lube can make a difference

  6. That’s disgusting. A woman asked me to eat her nasty ass one time, so I asked her to wash first and then I ate it. Common decency

  7. First as accepting of him as you want him to be of you. If it’s the porn that is bothering you then ask yourself why it bothers you. Is it a self esteem issue. Is it that he is getting off without involving you. Is it his own self esteem. He may feel unattractive or that he lets you down by how he looks now, and he never has to worry about letting porn down. My issue was this exactly. I wasn’t in shape anymore and I knew I wasn’t as attractive to my wife. Even tho she didn’t see me unattractive, I felt it. But porn never cared if I worked out. Go on Send him a story or two that you find sexy. If he likes porn then the kinkier the better. Encourage him to find stories for you. And be open to his fetishes or kinks. Don’t be judgmental.

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  9. Ugh my partner takes awhile to cum to. Not always sometimes he comes instantly but eventually I realized the reason he takes so long to cum is because he EDGES himself. When he’s about to cum he removed himself from me, takes a second then puts it back in. Kinda ticks me off sometiems but he claims it makes for an awesome orgasm which as someone who edges herself during masturbation, ya true

  10. Does she enjoy a casual glass of wine or other libations? Might help her let loose a bit and be less self conscious

  11. She must have just been used to donkey cock. But I'm also 5'7″ so I'm not going to be attracting big women with monster vags either. I probably should try more petite girls

  12. lmao sorry, women are so clueless sometimes when it comes to this stuff. Do you actually believe that the Chads who fuck hundreds of women don't just talk to them because they want to bang them? It's called the halo effect. You're granting positive attributes to the guy because he's tall and good looking so in your mind he “wants to get to know you”.

  13. If you’re interested in her regardless. Give it a shot. You know your limits and you can go as far as you like with it. Just be up front and honest. A friend of mine dated a trans girl and even though she was sporting wood bigger than his, he still turned her around and did his best to give her the time of her life. But if it’s really a boundary for you, don’t cross it, just be respectful and up front

  14. I’ll let you know if he does in fact being low on T. His cholesterol was high at his last physical which maybe could be a contributing factor too? About 15 lbs overweight right now, but he’s adamantly working on it. Stupid men, he’ll walk like a block for a week and the weight will be gone ? I hope we can find a solution for our guys because I seriously could go 3 times a day ?

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