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  1. Stop around the point where it typically begins to hurt. Pull out. Then finish another way. Use or ask her to use a powerful vibrator or fleshlight on you. It will be more stimulation than a vagina will offer and will be more likely to allow you to finish quicker. Inversely, you can pregame with a toy and have sex when you feel like you are ready. Some people take a long time to orgasm, and toys can definitely help.

  2. Just get sexual arrousend and don't come. That's exactly how it feels. You want it but if time passes the horniness sinks. Also you as a male you don't NEED to come, you WANT to come, these are to different things and we also want them Bevore good, horny and a little impatient. After happy and relieved By talking to her. Asking what she likes, how she wants to be touched and so. Pro tip, ask her these things before doing it so you know an what to concentrate See no 1 English is my 4th language so for me no ?

  3. I’ve never experienced the pain side of sex, just done some light choking, slapping and spitting but never actual pain. How much pain are you talking about tho?

  4. More or less proven: Hydration, duration (i.e. length of sex), time between orgasms, zinc, lecithin, L-Arginine/L. Citrulline Probably effective, but mostly a reddit thing: Pygeum

  5. Tell him you want him to grab them. He doesn’t have to grab the entire thing, can play with nipples and grab whatever he can

  6. This is a green flag! There's men out there who are insecure about toys and this bloke clearly isn't one. He is willing to wait for sex, as you have defined that line. This just shows respect, a little eagerness but maintaining respect. I love all of it for you.

  7. If a guy sent his gf a dick pic unsolicited without any type of conversation before hand we'd not be having this discussion. Insinuating that he's cheating because he didn't know what to say/how to react is ridiculous

  8. So not only does she not want it, but you're worried she'll leave you if you use it? Kinda seems like you just shouldn't bother, right?

  9. the threesome with her female friend was all her idea yes? Wouldn't be the first time someone pulled that move to manipulate and guilt their partner.

  10. Do you want to break up? If you want to keep the relationship, talk to him about it. Maybe he wants to cuddle more, watch movies or play games together, more hugs and kisses, more foreplay. Show him how special he is. Tell him you love him, saying it a lot helps. Understanding each other love language is important in maintaining the relationship.

  11. No man should treat a woman this way. Bail on that loser. He sounds like trash. There’s sooo many good dudes ready to treat you soo good right now!

  12. Yes he should wash with soap. Bonus – It feels good! If he smells he might have a bacterial infection like jock itch (which ironically isn’t always itchy). They sell powder for it which he can use regardless

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