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  1. he practically used you to masturbate. you didn’t do anything wrong and now you can get better at identifying guys who will say anything just so they can use you without even satisfying you

  2. Probably not even your gynecologist would be so straight to the point! But maybe the guy is just as inexperienced as you are and didn't realize that real life isn't like porn. If you think it's possible, meet him and let him explain what's happened.

  3. You mentioned she didnt know french kissing? Where is she from? Is religion into play here by any chance? Or just that she is not sexually attracted to you but are with you for other reasons?

  4. It is your choice to wait until marriage! Good for you! Don’t let him pressure you into doing something that you want to wait for.

  5. women try to treat it like that and then get annoyed because guys are looking for casual sex. there is a serious problem with dating apps where women will use the wrong app for something. like plenty of women will use apps meant for friendship for hooking up. my advice for women on dating apps is just be careful. my advice for men is don't bother.

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  7. He has a responsibility to take care of himself, yes, but you have a responsibility to be open and honest with him. If you are not attracted to him (especially if you are still attracted to other men), and you will never want to have sex with him ever again, you should tell him these things. Like, don’t you care about him? If being with you is making him unhappy, wouldn’t you want to stop the thing that is doing that to him? I strongly suspect that you have been soft-pedaling this issue, even if unintentionally, because he seems to still be holding onto the hope that this is just temporary. If it isn’t temporary you need to make it abundantly clear.

  8. My wife have this problem. Buy a small vibrator and keep it with you all time. Play with your clit while getting it in, I'm sure it works.

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