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  1. I remember watching a documentary on this and that was actually a big part of it. That the orgasm serves as a way to “scoop” up the sperm for quicker implantation.

  2. I'll be as clear as possible here. First, know exactly what you want. Sounds like you want affectionate sex with kissing and cuddling, nothing wrong with that. Two, say it like your ordering pizza – 'turn over/ hold your ankles/ we are doing 69 now.' Or whichever position you prefer. Three, ask her what she would like, if she has no preference then it's back to two. If she wants a particular thing then make it happen, of course. None of this is dominant or selfish behaviour, just clear communication. Most people want to know where they stand and what will please their partner. Broadly speaking, men are expected to initiate things or “the egg does not swim to the sperm” as I've heard it put. I've noticed that sometimes a woman fears judgement if she says that she wants something explicit. Lastly, non verbal communication is highly important, but this is a written medium so it is word based. She is likely telling you what she wants in other ways so be responsive. I hope this helps.

  3. I want to do counseling when we have more money but we just can't right now. He's open to talking but all he says is “yes dear” and “I'm a different man now” which is what he said the first time I caught him

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  5. Thank you for bringing this up. This is NOT a peculiar situation among partners: believe it or not, both men and women can get very angry, frustrated or sensitive about their partners being sexual without them. This is a power and control problem, as well as a self esteem issue AND NOT YOUR FAULT. It can happen at any time and for any reason: you'll be intimate with someone you like or love and suddenly you've offended them somehow: maybe you inserted your fingers in your vagina during intercourse… maybe you mentioned his size (in any possible way)… maybe you're not saying enough or you're saying too much… a girl here on the forums accidentally blurted “DADDY!” and that caused issues…. It's not your fault. It's mankind; we all have so many issues and traumas that's its practically a minefield for intimacy. Just understand that: 1) You have a right to be sexual with yourself. You do not need permission for this. 2) His feelings aren't your fault. We love people, so we can consider their feelings and try to resolve conflict. 3) The best way to move forward is to talk calmly about it. To reassure your partner and speak carefully. To absorb anger and frustration and present a collected self in the discussion. 4) Stand up for your needs! Bless you; best wishes.

  6. Putting his foot down on the fmm threesome after getting the one he wanted is pretty shit. Hes already “shared” you. I don't get this one sided threesome stuff. That's bad form to me.

  7. I'll be 25 soon. I know you're joking but it's not that bad, I don't think about sex. I'm queer and its just not safe for me to sneak around. I accepted a long time ago that I can't do certain things while I live with my parents. I tried moving out at 18 but my parents did some shit so I haven't tried since. My goal now is to get work experience and hopefully get a job in another country. It is what it is.

  8. I haven’t had sex in loooooong while so he definitely doesn’t need to worry about me. It’s not common from where I am from to get tested for STDs to hookup, people just.. do it. I am risk-adverse kind of person but I want to hookup with him because I hardly ever find someone attractive enough to me to want to do it.

  9. While I agree with most of your sentiment, the comment “do whatever it takes to make him feel confident” sticks out like a sore thumb to me. Sure, partners can definitely be empathetic and make things easier in these situations. But it’s not at all fair to expect the partner to “make someone else confident”, especially if the implication is that they should do whatever it takes, even if they aren’t comfortable. Self-confidence is the responsibility of you and your therapist, no one else.

  10. Once you have one herpes infection, it's really hard to get a second one, especially a second one of the same type.

  11. I get why your saying that, but it just annoys me that someone doesn't wash their ass before a date, and it's on their date to come up with a nice way to tell them. The onus should be on the person who isn't practising basic hygiene to not lash out. But I understand why you don't want to add unnecessary embarrassment.

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