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  1. If a woman can deny a man PiV unless he wears a condom, even if the man “wants to feel closer” and even if they're in a relationship, then the reverse is also true. A man can refuse PiV unless a condom is used. In both instances, a partner can disagree with those terms and end the relationship. Fair's fair.

  2. The way I see it, he isn't selfish, as you commented many times now. All he did was check out after that night emotionally. He was always against it, thought about your proposal and realized It's over – he pulled a quiet divorce move and is now doing exactly what you guys agreed upon. So far I haven't seen you answer peoples question as to WHY you wanted to open the relationship in the first place and it seems like to me, just wanted the ability to fuck other men and miscalulcated that the “open” part of the relationship would be in favor of your husband and not the other way around – now that your open relationship isn't fullfilling anymore for you, you are lacking all the things he has right now. Emotional support, activities, sex and great times with his daughter.

  3. Literally don't be dude.. doctors have heard it ALL and will never judge you once. They care about your health and safety first and foremost my man. One of my doctors for 10+ years helped my and my soul mate (ex gf of 9 years) who I introduced her to. Her and I were always poly anyway and once I told her I'm pan and wanna go on prep (haven't yet) there was zero judgement whatsoever. If you're extra worried, literally book a random walk in clinic with any doctor and they'll hook you up.

  4. You wanna fuck a married senior partner? You're a POS for even considering it Anyone finds out? You're getting the sack hun

  5. I remember once watching a documentary with a well known English TV presenter interviewing English school kids (teenagers) about all things sexual. I’ll never forget the look on her face when she asked the question ‘do you think people stop having sex and if so, what age would you expect that to happen?’. Most common answer? 30!!!

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