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  1. I’d be pissed too. That’s fucked. The only thing that would make this not completely horrible would be if he was afraid of busting too quickly with you so wanted to rub one out to last longer later. Even then though what’s wrong with sex twice in one day?

  2. Just throwing this out there to add on to the more common answers. Maybe it's just his underwear? One time I felt like vomiting while going out on my ex, I was like oh I'm never giving a bj again lmao. Then the next time it was fine, then the next the smell was back. I noticed it only happened after he was wearing one particular pair of underwear that smelled horribly for some reason, so yeah I threw it away and we went shopping. I've had a similar situation myself, for some reason some materials just hold onto smells even after washing them.

  3. Yessssss. This is the one!!! He most certainly is. Sounds so stupid. And the fact that she brought this to redditt. You can’t be this naive. You. Just. Can’t.

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  5. I’m a guy and I’m telling you to leave. If he can’t respect what you want or don’t want to do then 100% leave him.

  6. Just for giggles, have you ever made a porn video of you getting yourself off with a dildo or just finger stimulation. Also, I know you might be against this; have you asked him about being a hotwife? Maybe traditional isn't for you two, and perhaps talking about a nonmonogamous relationship is needed. I see your needs aren't met, and you don't want to break up your family. As an added bonus, you can record your encounters for him to jerk off to.

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