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  1. It really saddens and infuriates me to hear about women constantly setting their needs and feelings aside for men. You should not HAVE to do anal if it hurts and you simply don’t enjoy it. PERIOD. I bet you your husband would not do the same in return if the roles were reversed. I really hope you can wake up and choose yourself and your happiness. If your husband is okay with hurting you every week just to get his “fix”, that doesn’t seem like a good man that genuinely cares for you.

  2. Just tell him you would like to have sex with him while you are awake too. Maybe initiate more yourself when you want it. That's great you are ok with him sexing you when you are sleeping. Some people enjoy that type of play, but it should not be only about what he wants. You get a say about when you want it as well. Otherwise, he's just being selfish.

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