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Model from: de

Languages: en,de

Birth Date: 1985-08-31

Body Type: bodyTypeAverage

Ethnicity: ethnicityWhite

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Eyes color: eyeColorGreen

Subculture: subcultureGlamour

Date: June 23, 2022

15 thoughts on “hotmilfbitch naked stripping on cam for live sex video chat

  1. Wow. This sounds like a WHOLE LOT of anxiety. I get potentially high levels of anxiety if I'm having a first time with a new partner. But, imo, outside of the nervousness of a first time with a new partner, you shouldn't be experiencing this level of anxiety regarding sex. I had anxiety before my first time with u/LostAd6009. Some of it was anxiety around whether or not I would please him, and whether it would be good for him, but honestly it was just a more global anxiety. He's a really interesting guy who I had decided I wanted to get to know better. While I DID have some anxiety around the sex, in general I'm a pretty confident person when it comes to sex. I was more worried about whether he would like ME. After the first time he and I had sex, I haven't ever needed to give myself a pep talk. It's so absolutely clear that he loves my body, and loves the sex that I've never felt anxious about sex in general, just a little nervous about trying things that were either new for me or that I've had boundaries regarding.

  2. I think having a moment of a break away from the bed would’ve been a little softer of a delivery, say you were gonna go shower, or get a snack or glass of water, basically an activity away from the bed. Then during the secondary activity ask if they have specific plans on how to get home etc

  3. Yeah society is weird. I’ll have to try to find a way to find power and fulfillment regardless. Thank you for your comment. You’re definitely right about all the things you’ve said.

  4. Also, I came back to mention looking into just a “boob lift” surgery. And also that I am not sure how this convo went about with your husband. If you kept pressing him about it like to get him to agree with you (you know us ladies do that!) but, if that’s the case then please don’t make your husband the bad guy in this situation.

  5. Maybe I'm misguided. but I'm shocked by the comments here. Almost everyone either said you just misunderstood what she was trying to say, or that you pulled her out of the moment with her response. If my SO said that to me and they knew I was all the way in, I would have responded the same way you did, and I would have probably been not all that stoked to continue with the sex. Was it meant to be a harmful comment toward you? Most likely not, but it's crazy to me that everyone is trying to interpret what she said with some sort of 4D chess-level connotation. Girl, if I'm fucking you and you say something that implies I'm not giving you something I'm not physically capable of giving, I'm gonna be turned off, and I think rightly so. Sorry about your experience and sorry about the dumb comments in here. You should talk to her about it and I hope you can find some resolution. I personally would not be interested in fucking someone who knows the size of my dick and says anything to imply that they're not being satisfied by it.

  6. My parents didn't entirely care about if my brother and I knew or not, and we didn't really care either as long as we didn't have to hear it or see it. I know if it was the middle of the day, I'm in my room playing video games or something, and I come out of my room and my parents are both gone and their bedroom door is closed, do not disturb them. I'd just go back to my room and continue playing my games or watching my shows.

  7. Glancing at your profile and career choice, the audacity of someone like you passing judgement on me is hilarious. But props to you. I’m hiding like a coward when I’m confessing, while I’m looking at you right now.

  8. So true lol. They make it look so easy. But if I was having sex with Owen Gray I might able to cum on command after all ?

  9. With respect, no medical professional would EVER refer to EH as blue balls. We inform all of our young women and men being pressure into se through the use of the excuse of 'blue balls' that this is a manipulative tactic used to get sex without full consent. BLUE BALLS does n to exist EH does. Which by the way is a highly uncommon occurrence regardless of what you believe of have found online. My information is backed up my years and years of clinical work as well as medical/academic research.

  10. Condoms are very effective against preventing herpes transmission particularly if the other person is not having an outbreak. Truth of the matter is that a large percentage of the population has some version of herpes. The fact that this person likes you and is being so open and honest upfront with you are major green flags in my opinion. Additionally herpes has no negative health effects, and if someone does contract it there are drugs that can drastically limit/eliminate outbreaks. I haven't researched it in awhile but I think unprotected transmission is pretty low when there is no outbreak. If talking to a doctor helps you feel better than I'd say go for it! There's also tons of information on the internet, but just cross reference sources. Congrats on having a cutie that likes you, I hope it works out 🙂

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