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  1. This post breaks Rules 4 and 5 and has been removed; Posts should seek specific, actionable advice about your personal sex life; posts should not describe sexual activities as “gross”

  2. Thats about all youll find on tinder. Tinder sucked ass when i was on it because im not into hookup culture, im into DATING. If you wanna find a man worth dating, bets are you have a very clim chance at finding that on tinder. Even when i specifically put on my profile that they have 0 chance of hooking up, still got the wrong attention. And my profile was built to be more than just plain so thats obvious. But most people do a half second glimpse and swipe based just on appearance

  3. Girl don't do it and tell your friend to fuck off. She is not a good friend and sounds like an overall terrible person. Cheats on her boyfriend… And tries going after your man? But using the guise of a 3some? Next step is she's going to be trying to get him to leave you for her. I promise. End it now, the deal and the friendship. Cut her out completely. Ghost and vanish. Doesn't matter how long you've been “friends”. And have your bf do the same.

  4. You sleep with a married person. You destroy a family’s life. Your reputation in town goes down. It is your problem.

  5. You are so right. A lot of our enjoyment of sex comes from the enthusiasm and mutual pleasure of our partners. That is why we find duty sex so unfulfilling. When our partner doesn't enjoy doing or receiving an act then neither do we. 2-3 times of real sex a year is certainly unfulfilling. I do hope you have good coping mechanism and find a way to increase the frequency in the near future.

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