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  1. WeVibe Tango for clit stimulation My wife swears by it. We have tried many, many vibes and this is her favourite by far Everyone is different though. my wife doesn't like the womaniser type clit blowers very much at all for instance.

  2. This OP is your answer. I'd like to add using your tongue to put pressure on his penis simulating a tight vagina. Don't suck to achieve that effect because vagina doesn't suck.

  3. See logically this makes sense to me but because of the toxic BS I was taught about men it’s so hard for me to realize this You'll get there. It's hard to wrench yourself away from the attitudes you were raised with. But gradually you'll accrue an experiential basis for rejecting them, and over time it will get easier to put those thoughts aside.

  4. First suspicion: needs more foreplay Second: maybe an issue like vaginismus—though seems unlikely with the frequency you mentioned this occurring. While not uncommon, it would be kinda strange to have the run of luck you mentioned. Last suspicion would be “too big”. That’s honestly rare. We push babies out. Babies are bigger than dicks by far. Generally the size issues come more from the depth than from girth. All things lead back to more foreplay and getting in the zone more for them, most likely

  5. she doesnt have the strenght to do it on her own tho and she doesnt like fingering on her own she likes riding her pillow.

  6. Maybe don’t tell him you find him attractive because he’s feminine. If he’s straight, he probably will find that demeaning even though you don’t mean it to be. But most straight guys would be into a FFM threesome if they found the girls attractive. Just tell hin you want to try something.

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