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  1. Oh honey, please. You need to leave and go to therapy. It may take a while but find someone who treats you right. He doesn't care about your safety. He sees you as an object. Is that what you want or do you want better?

  2. If it was that bad it would tear during sex and he would be in pain. Some are just naturally tight. I assume he’s had a few sexual partners before you? Doesn’t sound like it’s a problem to him.

  3. Good deal, if you have any lingering pain I would say to definitely follow up with a urologist but if it goes away completely in 2 to 3 weeks you are probably fine

  4. I learned moaning was a turn on and now I'll lean in and moan in a woman's ear when I thrust inside her slowly. They love it, and especially if I do a deeper voiced moan

  5. I think she wants to but is also worried about your health and how it’s going to impact it That and doesn’t want you to think it’s a pity bj were in the middle of it you stop her and tell her you can’t do this

  6. I do something like this due to my delayed ejaculation, I put all the focus on my penis and the sensations I'm experiencing as a way to finish. You have developed a conditioned behaviour to achieve your orgasms as an award. Trying to find a new way to relax and allow the feeling to be enjoyed in a relaxed state will require time. Mindfully arousal and stimulation where the effort is about the pleasure you're experiencing. Do not believe a lack of orgasms as a failure. There is a lot of fun, pleasure, and intimacy in the process so share with your partner what you are trying to achieve. Include more novelty into your build up of Erotic activities, reading, writing, watching porn, massage, lubes, and/or toys… Or all of the above. The sex organ is the brain, the body parts we use just the switches we use to get to the brain. Most importantly, don't create stress if you don't have orgasm success when doing this. Take your time, play, have fun, and experiment.

  7. respectfully your doctors are dogshit I'm a guy so I have no idea if the only way to check for this is with insertion, but if the only way modern medicine can check for “why can't I insert anything” is by inserting something I am going to be severely dissapointed

  8. He's 22, also I don't go in top much as it doesn't quite work too well for us. What would u suggest I do differently?

  9. That is a codependency thing. This indicates that she doesn’t se herself as a real person with real needs and real feelings and real value. Look this shit up. Not in blogs but in reputable publications and journals about psychology. That is not healthy dude. Not healthy at all.

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