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  1. One question here. When the head is sensitive just with a touch and you suggested to be gentle with it. How painful would It be when we insert in the vagina?

  2. How comfortable are you inserting and removing things from your vagina? If you are ok with it you might try the cervical cap. If used correctly and with spermicide it's 90% effective. Its a barrier method that is sort of like a suction cup that sits over the opening to your cervix, blocking sperm from going into your uterus. Like any barrier method you have to use it every time. Unlike a condom you can put it up there before you start doing anything so you don't have to fumble around with it in the heat of the moment. I got mine at planned Parenthood. 10/10 would recommend.

  3. First of all thank you for the reply it really does make me feel better. In my opinion when two people are together sexually their both want to reach orgasm and have pleasure. Obviously, biologically men reach orgasm way faster than women and when I have sex I know for sure I going to come, one way or another. But should she be allowed to get there as well, as many time as I do? Shouldn’t it be my job to get her there? She actually one night we were together she told me that I came 3 times and she only did it once and that was not fair to her and I agree, we should both have an equal experience together

  4. Thank you, I will try and find a way to mention it that doesn’t sound confrontational and allows him to have a safe space to open up in! 🙂

  5. Men may masturbate in the shower because it makes the erection makes it easier to trim\shave their pubic hair, because they enjoy edging, or because masturbating in the shower causes an orgasm without requiring cleanup. Generally speaking, a partner in a sex positive relationship doesn't need their partner's permission to touch themselves and getting weird, controlling, and judgmental about it is a red flag.

  6. Against her? Maybe he’s just not aroused by her when she is drunk… I find drunk people wildly unappealing. The hottest man on the planet could not entice me while he was drunk. Men are allowed to have boundaries. They need to be respected too.

  7. I'm like mid 30s and that might be an option she's said I could but idk if I could if that makes sense I'm going up to NY soon so maybe ill try to scratch the itch there….

  8. I like playing with my clit or dipping my fingertips in while he puts the condom on. He spends that 30 seconds teased as hell, wishing my fingers were him, and I stay hot. Easy.

  9. Everyone has different likes and no 2 people are wired exactly the same. Your ex might get more turned on thinking about anal, or it could hit all the right spots better than vaginal. So yeah, that could be normal.

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