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  1. Interesting. I’m heavily generalising here of course but kind of sounds like men tend to be emotionally monogamous, whereas for women that’s just a part of sex, casual or otherwise. It would make sense, given how women tend to be more emotionally open with their friends in general than men. A guy opening up about a fear he has to his best friend is a big thing to him. For a woman that’s just a standard Friday evening. Makes sense that they would put less weight on emotional connection during sex, too. It might explain why emotional cheating is more common with women than men too, because it’s just easier to do for women similarly to how physical sex is easier for men to be more casual about.

  2. Which boils down to they DGAF about her feelings or consent and it's sexual assault! If they're old enough to be having sex they're responsible for their actions. That they have delusions from porn or bullshit they hear online in no way changes their culpability for violating any womans consent.

  3. You literally have no idea what you are talking about. Is there a problem here? This seems to be a personal issue that you have with me.

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