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  1. Relationship is two people. You give your wife your commitment and everything that goes with it and want to share her with other guys or let her f other guys. She will never look at your the same way. Men need to value their commitment and themselves more than they do. Open marriage/hot wife/swinging is perfect for a woman bc she gets provider —you— and dudes to f. I don't see absolutely anything arousing in those types of activities. Just one wrong ONS and both of you can end up with std or worse. Secondly she will get much more men interested in f her then you will. We are men and we know how it is to be horny… I would not even entertain an idea of activities like that with my wife, and if she would I would be gone. Also, read on how those kind of activities destroyed Relationship. We all know sex ain't like the porn you watched same goes for all the hype in regards to those activities. Good luck to you and remember you are the man who committed to her and your commitment is much more valuable than you think. She can have a lot of guys to f but not many to commit. Lead the relationship.

  2. I only date guys my age but would be willing to have sex with older guys if they are attractive but only casual. Only have once before.

  3. Yeah, if divorce is inevitable, spare everyone and just do it. Don't get other people involved. I wish my bf's ex wife had just said she wanted a divorce when she asked for an open marriage. They're divorcing now and it's so much messier than it should be.

  4. You can't do anything without repercurssions on your end aswell, you did it in a public space, especially a school, that's an instant expel in ANY school, depending on where you live you could get a sexual offender charge aswell, as for the other person, they will certainly get expelled, jailed and sexual offender charge, do as you wish with this info.

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