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  1. Maybe or they are just telling me what I need to hear. I’m small I mean I know I am. I just didn’t realize it was such a big deal

  2. I’ve been having these issues before the sexual assault. Now it’s just worse. Sexual aggression triggers me but guys have always been this way with me. I don’t have many positive experiences with men to even look back at. I’m not generalizing men but talking about my experience. As I said I thought this was normal behaviour before I realized other girls were not even experiencing this. My experience is that men don’t want anything platonic. It’s not like I’m not trying to make male friends it’s that they always try to get with me eventually. I believe they objectify me because they treat me like an object and try to pressure me into a sexual relationship. I’m judging them based on their actions not my perception. If they are all over me what am I supposed to expect.

  3. Bro, 3-4 times a week is NOT extremely high. And it is definitely NOT a problem. If you’re thinking this way, you’ve been brainwashed.

  4. I agree. Even just talking about it, has its risks. I'm certain some woman even consider just thinking about it as cheating.

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  6. Sorry some of the things on your list are not the case for others as I said everyone else is different my partner eats meat, smokes , drinks alot and if not alcohol he stays hydrated by drinking fizzy juice x

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