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EmmiMalia naked stripping on cam for live sex video chat


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Model from: de

Languages: en,de

Birth Date: 2003-01-24

Body Type: bodyTypeAverage

Ethnicity: ethnicityWhite

Hair color: hairColorBlonde

Eyes color: eyeColorBlue

Subculture: subcultureHousewives

Date: June 26, 2022

25 thoughts on “EmmiMalia naked stripping on cam for live sex video chat

  1. I've hurt my back, so sex has been very limited lately. Anyway we had a night without kids so didn't want to waste it. Before dinner my wife gave me an amazing sloppy BJ finishing in her mouth. I asked he to save some and give me a messy cum kiss which was awesome. She then proceeded to turn around put her pussy in my face and rub her clit. The smell was amazing as she made herself cum. After going out for dinner we had a great extended mutual masturbatiion session watching porn. Lots of her tits rubbing me while she fingered herself and I pulled myself. After she came the first time, she put her fingers inside herself and rubbed it all over me. She was then able to gently sit on my face so I could lick her to another orgasm with a bit of a squirt. She then managed to rim me while I was still holding off cumming and finally showed her tits onto my cock to allow me to finish with a massive cumshot all over them! Hopefully round 2 in the morning!

  2. Could also be the intimacy part too, there are other ways to get a man hard and keep them there I suggest you guys experiment and see what works. In all honesty sound like stale sex which is normal, constantly doing the same things in bed can cause that.

  3. No, honestly it I don't really think of it. I just have a reaction of disgust and rage at my former kinks when I think of them, but I don't have a specific memory or flashback associated with them. However I do know that the bad experiences are the cause of my hatred. And that upsets me because mentally I don't want to hate these things, but I can't help my reaction.

  4. Two reasons… he either wants a baby, or he’s just so tired of having to clean up when y’all are done he just goes inside you. Shooting his load inside you makes for a lot easier and faster cleanup. Plus it feels way better to cum inside a pussy than on a stomach. Haha

  5. I agree with you completely. And also its the type of lie she told too. This isnt a “I stayed out all night with my friends and fell asleep on her couch” kind of lie. This is a “I was raped” lie. Its incredibly selfish and manipulative (it should also be illegal) to lie about rape when it never happened.

  6. Why? Unfortunately I am part of that category of women good for a laid and nothing more. So now that I am still able to find people that want a piece of me, I am offering. At one point I would be to old, fat or ugly to attract even 1 man interested in a random fuck. Hope you are in a better situation than mine. The sorrow in my heart makes hard believing in the future.

  7. i like my bfs wide chest nd back broud shoulders arms hands neck nose eyes lips calves knees ankles hair nd beard, and ofc his semen shooter. I miss my man my man my mann 🙁

  8. Sounds like performance anxiety – all mental – I dunno why people here are calling it ED that’s a physical problem

  9. I always thought that I dont like to get blowjobs till I found someone who gives realy good blowjobs. There are levels to this and now it is my favourite thing. Cold and teeth are the things you dont want in an blowjob

  10. So you admit that OP is not at all freaked out about his gf's orientation – he's 100% chill about it – and is in fact supportive of her, but for some reason you want to compare him to bigoted women who think a bi male is less than? Also, that's like, basically the only thing that straight women catch crap for on this sub. And it's actually quite rare. It's not a topic that comes up more than about once every couple of weeks. You're grasping bro.

  11. Hummm. We did have this convo and I'll be honest. It then went a bit deeper. Essentially. You're right on face value a man will look at Cardi B and be like. I'd fuck that!!! And look at Kate and be like, I'd have sex with her. However. Let's say you get to bed Kate ans she goes. “Oh. BTW. I love being treated like a whore, I want you to fuck me like I'm paying you” you best believe I'm doing that. Yet, if a women got with the channing tatum guy and he goes. Oh BTW. I like it rough and dirty. The women would be like, ah yeah… that's nice… Good for you (obviously not say it lol) but it wouldn't trigger that animal in her. She wouldn't instantly switch to be what she would be with the momoa type.

  12. For me size isn’t everything. However? Not learning new skills or wanting to get her off anyway possible is a no go for me. I am personally done with the selfish lovers. Now if you add toys, try mouth and fingers and she is still semi rude about size than yeah you deserve better 4- 5 isn’t that small.

  13. Why feel guilty about stimulating yourself in order to achieve orgasm. You deserve pleasure. Kudos to your BF for loving to give your oral. For me as a male, giving oral to my wife is one of the most intimate things we can do. I personally think it's very hot when my wife touches herself while I'm pleasuring her. While giving her oral, she'll often reach down and spread her labia so that I can lick all around. It probably does something pressure-wise to increase her pleasure. From my viewpoint, anything goes

  14. I will put up with it but actually find it kinda distracting. If he’s not romantic then that’s a much bigger problem than lack of music!

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