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  1. Oh I mean, literally doesn't compare to anything else if for no other reason than you are so sensitive after coming the feeling of inside is just insane. For people like me with a breeding kink though, it's also a massive turn on because of the risk and such

  2. I can understand that fear. I didn’t date anyone until my mid 20s. And when I did find someone, I was terrified of the relationships ending. It’s easy for me to say, but he truly will not be the only person that finds you attractive. You will not be alone forever. But being alone also isn’t the worst thing in the world. I’ve had some of my mentally healthiest times and best moments of personal growth when I was single. If he is gay, it’s better to find out now than after you’ve gotten married and have kids. If you’re comfortable with him exploring his feminine side, I would at least see if he’s interested in cross dressing. You’d be surprised how many guys do it secretly…

  3. I mean, it absolutely is but it’s also never an excuse to continue sex you shouldn’t be having or pressuring somebody to do something. There are muscular contractions associated with arousal that can cause pain, again it’s not an excuse to do anything malicious or dumb.

  4. You do realize that putting a question at the end of a mediocre fable with tons of grammar mistakes doesn’t change it from being a piece of erotica into an advice-seeking question …

  5. Its not gonna kill you but its not ideal. More foreplay. It hurts because you're not wet and aroused enough. The less aroused you are, the less stretchy you are down there.

  6. Just break up with him. He doesn't give the slightest shit about you. What other possible conclusion could you draw? He doesn't care if you get pregnant.

  7. Unless you're genuinely hideous in some very conspicuous way which would count as a deformity, it's overwhelmingly likely a girl has shown interest in you at some point and you've merely suffered from the very common male complexion of being oblivious to flirting cues. But I can give you one very good bit of advice – if your self esteem is low enough that you think “I'm not attractive enough for online dating”, you are writing your own fate. If you think of yourself as hopelessly unattractive (you're not; you look like your ancestors and they all got laid), you will appear unattractive to women, just because of the way you carry yourself, your body language, the way you dress, the way you talk. So you need to work on that. One thing you can immediately do to boost your attractiveness and impression of yourself is dress well in smart-casual clothes which properly fit you. I'm talking iron that shirt, polish those shoes. Whenever you do eventually start hitting it off with a lady, don't lie about being a virgin. I'm not saying announce it, but don't give the impression you're sexually experienced if you're not. Finally, just focus on meeting someone and getting on with them. If you're desperate for sex and sex is all you're thinking about when you go on a date or even strike up a conversation with a stranger, trust me when I tell you women can smell that shit a mile off and it's a huge turn-off for them. You will find it much easier to get laid when getting laid isn't at the forefront of your mind in every encounter with the opposite sex. Sorry if I'm generalising you or saying stuff which isn't necessarily applicable to you personally, but these are common issues young men in your position have.

  8. Sugar dating, to my knowledge, doesn't commonly involve childrearing. It sounds more like you'd like a trophy wife. No shame, but I'm curious why you're not interested in a more meaningful connection since this is someone you'd like to start a family with? A transactional partnership is fine if you're both into it, but the kids will feel it when there's no love between mom and dad.

  9. I dunno this bloke might have the load to end all loads. I did say unless you got sperm in there somehow. I did mean it was likely not possible but did was to cover all bases.

  10. So I think that is where it becomes problematic. If he has said yes to sex, its okay to ask for this as a way to ease into it. If he has said not yet, and you are trying to trick him into it with nude snuggles, that is kind of not good.

  11. Thru out the day, send steamy texts on what you wanna do to him. By the time he comes back from work, he in beast mode

  12. Be the animal you want him to be. In order for him to want to do super hot things, he needs to feel that he can do it to you.

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