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  1. You might not have found your g-spot, it can be hard sometimes, or your g-spot might not be very sensitive. Totally normal. Mine is really hard to find and feels nice when I do find it, but not enough to make me cum and feels nothing like stimulating my clit

  2. I knew my bf didn’t like to when I noticed that every single time we had sex, he would go down on me beforehand for foreplay and he was constantly like sniffing and breathing heavy while licking and fingering.. I have NEVER had someone do that before and he told me he doesn’t like my bj’s so I finally figured out it was his “nice” way of saying “hey I don’t like going down on you, so no worries about feeling the need to return the favor” lol. It bothers me sometimes (when I really want oral) but other times I’m just too self conscious about knowing he doesn’t like giving oral on me to care.

  3. I like doing this. I adjust position, to not finish (even stop) and wait for girl to come close. Then we try to finish at once ? Often it works, sometimes I cum regardless and sometimes I cannot get close again (when tired). I haven't slept with many girls, but with those few, cuming together was(is) amazing feeling ?

  4. I'm not into hookup culture either, but I don't really begrudge those who are. It's another way to live. It's not for me, but frankly I have no business trying to push people to be one way or the other. The people who want that kind of thing will be unhappy in a long term relationship, and vice versa.

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