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  1. Is a vaccine that's 80% effective a vaccine? What about an anti-depressant that is 80% effective? There are lots of drugs, treatments, practices, etc that are 80% effective and are used extensively. Just because you only accept birth control methods with 99% effectiveness doesn't mean one at 80% isn't birth control.

  2. I understand the “point” of a chiro, how chiro is supposed to be, I just don't think many of them actually do it. Anybody going in should manage their expectations accordingly. But go off, seems I struck a nerve with you… …maybe you should go see a chiropractor! Lol couldn't resist ?

  3. Depending on his size you can work up to it. I’m not small by any means and with a bit of work and carefulness it will feel amazing and won’t hurt at all. My ex was the same way.

  4. You need to talk to her and communicate how you feel about this. No one can tell you how she feels other than your partner. I’ve been with girls who are more silent but never fully silent specially if close to orgasming. And yes women can fake that and some do it well unfortunately. Getting wet doesn’t mean necessarily she’s having an orgasm as girls can get wet from arousal and stimulation just like some guys can. But you need to talk to her to find out how she feels exactly. Some women are afraid to be vocal during sex due to upbringing, prior experiences etc so talk to her

  5. You cannot just move away. An IUD is not 100%. Pregnancy is life threatening for many people. Just feels like a case of “I’m not at risk so you’re stupid for being concerned”

  6. Plan b isn't suitable for everyone, nor a choice everyone wants to make. But that being said, with no backup plan the conversation should have been had, initiated by both/either party. But it can be hard not to ruin the moment

  7. As a guy, I gotta say that I love to take my time down there. Sure, sometimes the jaw can feel tired after a while, but it's the best feeling to eat pussy. It's totally worth it. So, don't feel scared, there are guys who love to spend a lot of time there haha

  8. Post removed for asking for DM's 7) Do not seek private conversations here, via Private Message or any other method.

  9. Just stop having sex with people like that. Ask ahead of time if they're into that, and if they say yes, don't do it. Not worth it.

  10. hi, 20 year old woman here. i just want to say that you going out of your comfort zone to try to satisfy her is an amazing first step into your sexual journey. to someone who has experience, it means a lot, and she didn’t appreciate it. you’re still learning. i lost my virginity almost 5 years ago but i still remember what it was like to have no idea what the fuck i was doing. it’s gonna take some time- i promise you that no one was a sex god their first time. the best thing is you being receptive to future partners and keep trying to do things they like. once you gain more confidence, sex will become better. that being said though for some people sexual incompatibility is a reason to break up, and that’s valid. it just means she’s giving you room to go find someone who will be more willing to work with you and your inexperience and will be more willing to cater to your needs as well. i promise that not all sex and sexual partners will be as negative as it was with her. have faith, it definitely gets better

  11. Poor guy is working two jobs while his wife is unemployed. I think her getting a job would increase his libido more than the gym lol

  12. When I’m in a monogamous relationship I don’t test regularly. When I’m not in a monogamous relationship, once every three months. The key is good conversations with potential partners about when they were last tested, what they were tested for, and if they’ve practiced safer sex since that test. I get a seven panel plus the blood test for HSV2 (IgG) when I test. The HSV test is only looking for antibodies and therefore isn’t a definitive test. The only definitive test is a western blot test, which is several hundred dollars and most doctors offices don’t even know about it. Unless I’m in a monogamous relationship, I always use a condom. Once I’m in a relationship we both get tested, share results and I go without condoms. I’ve had a vasectomy so pregnancy isn’t a concern. Besides, most of my partners are post-menopausal.

  13. Have you tried saying that you prefer it full stop? Your explanation makes it sound like you want that time for his benefit, not for yours. Try instead explaining that your body and mind need time to shift from achy feet and how gross bodies can be, to relaxed and sensual. That you enjoy sex more when it's separated by three hours or more from infected wounds or vomit. And that your feet, back, and joints are more flexible when they have had at least three hours rest. Made a shared calendar, like Google calendar, and put in your shifts + the three hour window. Then he can more easily plan his calls around your schedule. He can have his spontaneity and you can have your R&R.

  14. Exactly- there is NO EXCUSE for this OP. Please don’t even try to excuse it. This man should never be allowed with a naked woman. No telling how much damage he’s already done to women’s self esteem.

  15. My ex had big breasts and was insecure about it, i’ve reassured her countless times that i don’t give a damn about how they look i just want to caress them. She only let me see them/play with them only when she was laying on the bed and oh boy that was a huge a turn off. Couldn’t shower together and when she was on top she always wore bra. What im trying to say is work on your insecurities because they only exist in your head, or at some point he wont even bother asking to see them.

  16. Two things. Firstly, there should definitely be more fun involved for you. he barley turns me on and sometimes it hurts because of how dry I am This shouldn't be happening, because both should have fun, right? That aside – one thing that I experienced was not knowing the proper condom size. If you're using them, this could be the issue: If they're too small they'll inhibit the erection and can make it go soft. Now, I'm not saying this is the case here, but it's an option. To get the proper size (it's called NOM, or nominal width, or some other thing, usually in mm even in the US) he needs to measure the circumference (obviously also in mm) of his erect penis at the thickest part, subtract ~10%, and divide by 2. That gives you the measurement for the proper nominal width.

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